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tv   Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  May 17, 2012 1:00am-6:00am EDT

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have lost count we are at over 14,000 of our finest value of the day (...) >>guest: do not hang up on the hangers. you will want to get these (...) >>host: this is the gift of sight and the gift of style. >>guest: that is right. >>host: end they are sunglasses. >>guest: they are sunglasses. >>host: all- you will see this as a today's special it is a one-shot deal. if we call us tonight we have your magnification, it is a whole wardrobe if you are looking a wonderful little animation or videotape using july pick ikat dyed, of the leopard the black/white? you get every single one. and, a also buy more and save. joining dawna you suited to for basically the price of admission and this is a nine
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piece set. the thing is you have classic and contemporary stylish looks that are going to allow us to see everything from our text into the key fob to our computer (...) >>guest: you will get (...)if you have never worn a pair of bifocals sunglasses and like our caller before if you were with us tonight i was the same way i wear sunglasses and if i had read something i would take my son glasses off and then i would put my reading glasses on, these are are truly addictive because they are truly beautiful sunglasses with the readers that are perfectly placed. i literally walk out the door into the sun shine without these bifocal are going to get the biggest value ever when you see what we have%
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white. a special place in my3 and i have to tell you this is my pride and joy. if it looks like hundreds of dollars. you get a beautiful smoky gray tinted lenses and you get 100% uv protection. let me repeat that.0% uv protection lightweight, impact resistance been-- spring hinges at the temple. readers, you can do everything you would like, read in the sun or late in the sun and i cannot even read a key fob without my bifocal sunglasses. i lock my door what i want to unlock my car. how sad is that? this is soft square and this is your oval or your cat eye. look at this gorgeous toward a shell. e tint is a subtle brown but it does not darken
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so much that if you go from the outside to the you cannot see. look at how beautiful that is that is again 100% uv protection. that your tortoiseshell and then oh try to find a pair of lot tay, that color is so flattering to the face. --lotsatte. these are classic shapes for ever and i am not done premiere of gorgeous graphite great aviator style i just got back from losses and diving every single person and hollywood has a pair aviator sunglasses. instantly casual and cool and you look younger. beautiful gold accent in the metal here. lightweight, these are so spectacular and the glycerin almost. this is
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probably the most amazing pair of aviators i love him so much i wear them incessantly. we are not done yet. you get four of the soft cases to put them in as well and they are cleaning cloths. the shade of thereaders. it is incredible. >>host: this is insane and we will show you the magnification the good news is we have your magnification tonight. we cannot promise you what will happen later on in the day. >>guest: now for yourself or if you are buying them someone under 42 pit 1.0 magnification. if you are 40-50 years old 1.555 years old at 2.0 acts. if you
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60-55 50- 2.0 x 55- 62.5 x. 60-65 three. l x. >>host:he said size face, any size had. you forget that you are
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wearing them and beyond that they are adorable. a lot of times (...) >>guest: they are classy. >>host: date aviator tear i wearing, look at shannon, she is wearing them, i am wearing them, this is the brand new style and i6 c13 say one of the inspirations' (...) we have a ceo, mindy grossman @ hsn and she is a major fasionista. and she is wearing a torrid as bifocal sunglasses and she like myself, we are passionate about this product it will absolutely make (...) if are regular sun glasses and reading glasses you will never put them on again. instead of taking them on and putting them off the are perfectly placed optic positioned.
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you get the entire store front of sunglasses grid >>host: standing by in connecticut. >>caller: 08. >>host: we hear you got the today's special. and we heard you got a today's special. >>caller: i have a sister your older than i and a sister younger than i. and we are looking out our glasses so are you kidding me with this? i am in a grocery store i have my sunglasses on my head i and my reading glasses on my eyes (...) is this the first time you are getting the buy focal sunglasses? >>caller: indeed it is. >>guest: i3 promise you, if you did not love me, you will love me now.
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coffret alike everybody. that was me ate, wherever it was, i would be struggling ibm like bouquet here's my sunglasses wears my readers? >>caller: and i need them for my clip-ons >>guest: would be at the door taking my sunglasses off and putting my reading glasses on sim read to sign the package at the door. >>guest: you bought these for your sister as well? >>caller: i love your hangers i have a 92 year-old that hand in a nursing home where as a very small space for clothing and we were able to double up on her clothing
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obviously with your hangers. we have a secret santa for christmas so i bought some for that. >>guest: you will be the famous secret santa. >>host: good to meet you. >>guest: take care. >>host: we are almost at 16,000. (...) >>guest: vous. >>host: once you get do it, do it. do you know we have 5000 reviews the shades. you cannot get women agreed on a restaurant (...) >>guest: you get them all you get everything. >>host: if you want your magnification of choice you have got to do it now because i cannot promise what is going to happen.we do have buy more and
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save. if are not thinking like diana and her sisters styling. (...) >>guest: look at shannon. i just want to say one for $22.95 you can be wearing all of those every day you get the bifocal sunglasses that shannon is putting on, plus you get the new hard case memory foam 2 protector glasses as well. but let me tell you these are tough. >>host: that gold lighter had. >>guest: if you have a face or a thin face,temple, i am going to tell you this is the taurus ovals
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shape they are flattering for everybody, they are comfortable, i cannot impress upon you how comfortable they are. look at me, you are (...) and just like to shift this (...) you are getting the black with the white frame, skweez how beautiful. how beautiful. there's the old look at i that i am wearing right now then there is the gorgeous rectangle in the lots aatte soof shading so it is not so dark when you go inside you cannot see and then we have the beautiful graphite great with the goldtone metal that is screwed in, not glued on, this looks likea $300
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pair of sunglasses.remember they are bifocal sunglasses and you are getting them all. they're all classic shapes.aviator sunglasses have been the rage for decades. they could not be more popular you put out the aviators a new look more casual in your jeans and you look stunning. >>host: and you can see. who >>guest: 100% protection from the uv rays a sun very ed and i wear contacts (...) >>host: + you a heil lilyette. it is really like i can see. but i mean reallyeality is your monkey around you have to defer a glass is you take one of the nikkei at see the car keys and the croats and the cell phone (...)
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>>guest: find a deal like this, by the is you know me i ammoniacal about details. these are not gorgeous, they are comfortable, they are not only perfect up equality for everybody, you can have your bifocal sunglasses for life and they are affordable.the unbelievably affordable almost too good to be true i promise you. with >>host: is you do not call tonight i cannot promise you that your magnification will be around tomorrow. we will show you chart again in the presentation. their of illegally affordable which i know rabin in ohio agrees with us. hello, thank you for a halt calling. getting ms today's
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special? with >>caller: yes i am, i am gardening so i have my sunglasses on my head in that i have my bifocals on a chain around my neck. >>guest: all do the same thing.when you discover bifocal sunglasses, it is like a hallelujah. >>host: it is a hallelujah. >>guest: do think of this value is tonight? >>caller: agate is great. i also ordered your time and i love them. >>host: oven, thank you for stopping by to say hello to us we appreciate it. can we set out a hangers we are done with the today's special? >>guest: and not the proper standing
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here from talking to rabin and everybody that will3 these, your expectations will be outdone when you receive them because when you take one out after the other and you realize that youpay $22.95 to get this entire collection and the quality and the comfort and the ease of use. you will be gardening with yournglasses on your head and your readers around your neck and you will not be driving and have to take a sunglasses of to put the wanted change the radio station. this the best thing besides huggable hangers my little steamer and the towels, this is the best discovery in life as you have to wear reading glasses. would not have thousands of reviews, literally the most reviewed
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product hsn is history. we have a long summer at a bus and as i said do not let3 you. these are designed to last. they are not made like those she bowl glasses. there spring hinges and they are comfortable. --el glasses. >>host: are almost at the 18,000 mark.+ >>guest: colleen muley, we have got to get moving. i cannot do this again, it took a i would say almost a year for us to get this set to you.and what goes on to get the details and the
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quality and to be able to offer it at this price. i have to tell out and look for a regular fare of sunglasses 100% uv protection. spring hinges at the temples, all of the above. and you are paying of 100 or you got was going to read the todays and but i talk too long. if you are not sure what magnification you should get this is pretty much spot hunter hepatech >>guest: [reading]
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>>host: we airline to see what patty in ohio has to say. >>guest: outstanding controls me dairy and >>host: padded. lt. [laughter] >>guest:all are you darling did you order the today's special? >>caller: absolutely dead i was so excited because i had my very last pair stolen out of the car yesterday. i cannot wait to get my hands on those aviators. >>guest: is6 c13 guided thing. first of all night you can have your and loss clearly have anybody comes buy your car, just hit them with a bat. [laughter] i'd >>guest: i did not really mean that.
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did they still readers or did they steal by focus? not >>caller: the shade bifocals last time i two sets and gave one said to my sister, i love them. you know the value. >>caller: 6 c13 understand how they all say your face, every single pair looks fantastic. in >>guest: it is magic. [laughter] c13 >>host: we are so glad you could stop by, thanks >>caller: can i say something about your huggable hangers? they are the best back scratcher ever. >>guest: new. features and benefits. >>caller: absolutely, have a >>guest: great all my guys, bed set is amazing. >>host: trendy
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18,000 mark almost3 19,000. if the magnification is here. the one patty was raving about your need to do it now is you want to make sure you get your magnification is do you wanted it is how many sets to you what. they make amazing >> guest: . this is one and only shot today and today only. tie for a really quick call from georgia it. jane we heard you got a today's special. >>caller: it awarded these for my two daughters the sets before these and i love them so much i said this time i was going to order some for me. have been liz joy mangano for a long time. i started out with you. >>guest: thank you my darling. i will keep doing it as
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long as you can watch. >>caller: i love it, i have been with you and i have so many of your things and the quality is just wonderful, spot on i tell people all the time. and when you're say joy mangano's cooling to be on. why >>host: a nice called. >>guest: thank you so much. >>host: by the way jean hit the nail on the on quality. by the way 3000, this is almost as good as the today's special. this is basically like buying the and getting the hangers for free. >>caller: 85 pieces. >>guest: 85 pieces. a.m.?
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>>guest: am going to sleep with my bifocals on. to why so much shannon, this is the hsn spotlight. your got to destination. we want you to be in the know.6 c13 instance did you know that there is no better place than for all of high-tech needs including an acer 17 boi-ing 3 hinge quadcore laptop with 4 k of ram. we did not want you to miss out on diane gilman either so take a [commercial] this.
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[commercial] [♪ music ♪] >>host: [reading] for >>host: is magazine recently gave this as one of the top
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emerging brands shapewear. for over 25 years not only had she been one of my favorite housewives she has an let me get of experience in buying and merchandising, she knows her stuff and you tell it like it is. >>guest: sure do. good morning everyone. good >>host: warning to the overnight world as it were. all the >>guest: of the west coast. the white >>host: 11 engineered these products, you know fabric you know fit you know merchandising, you know how to make them. >>guest: like twins tonight. my >>host: crew has worked with over 16 years and i will tell you what i am getting some second looks tonight. i feel great i feel secure and i feel sexy. that a
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hard line to walk that really is. >>guest: is your posture? do you feel like something is holding you up? >>host: i do. fashion does not have to hurt.we only have to thousands of the core set that i have been wearing all night long. truthfully i kind of forgot i was wearing this. not only is it sexy all's we do is ask you choose your size of choreschoice. i am wearing a medium/large. they come in extra small/small, medium/large large/xl 1 x, 2 x. >>guest: to talk to about terms comfort. had a corset in my closet i never wore i bought it because it was beautiful but i could not get it on when i got it home.vwhen i started
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skweez couture the first thing i wanted to do was take that course it apart and make it comfortable and wearable for everyone. you now wanted take to order some dice three people to get you into your clothes. so there is a zipper, why they want to torture us with 50 hooks and eyes my husband would sit under the light and make me wait until he was finished getting dressed and it would take him forever. disaster. not only does it have a zipper that is so comfortable, it has a little bit stretch in it, you can see stretch step into zip it twisted rounded you are ready to go.ttention to everyone from the last time i was here i sold a corset but i did not have
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straps. they are straps that are removable and adjustable. they are comfortable so i did listen to you and i know that when you get this home you will love it. >>host: will go absolutely bananas. card + shipping and tax. as you guys know dressed pretty conservatively but you will want to go out and you will feel great. any say you are in you feel theory will stand thatc13 and it really makes you feel good. >>guest: 10 c it right here strap said the poll and the memory that goes into it but c13 talk about the lace. when i was in france, who does not love paris and who does not like lace. i wanted to make sure i got look of the lace that was very expensive so this is backed and it has a beautiful floral lace that is
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frenchnd such great quality and it will not fall apart. there is a lot of lace out there and it will fall apart. i do not care how expensive it is it will fall apart but this will not fall apart and it is soft and comfortable. >>host:is it not do lot of fashions here it hsn but i put it on and i feel good and i feel like i look pretty and that is a day difference. if you are looking for something that gives you shape and definition and you all know i have not turned down a sandwich in my life but you can still eat. the ec >>guest: is you have the zipper in the back so you can get in it. and you can go from the first rung to these third round one day i will come back and tell youat i almost suffocated in a corset. i had to be taken home and taken out of it. >>host: i always thought they were really q n sexy
1:32 am
under lasers and worn as outerwear but i've never purchase them because you sacrifice a lot. usually it did not feel very comfortable in them and what i love about yours, i do not feel like i am falling out of yours. i the straps make a difference but i almost feel like this was custom stitch to my body shape. >>guest: also will not dig into the straps will not make a roadway in your shoulder and you can go from work, home tonight and have a sexy night at all all you have to do is take off your coat and hang it up. >>host: i wish i was on the west coast because and i would have time to go out and enjoy it. this >>guest: is to where it and it looks great with a beard jeans or great with little black skirt. >>host: 1 and july is here in january
1:33 am
everything is practically sold out but when she was here with a few shows we do not have a lot of inventory so if you see that quantity left at the bottom of the screen there are 2002 thousand only. that means we have only a couple hundred in each size choice. if it is very forgiving a kind of custom molds to your own body so if you saw those quantities left i will tell you it is definitely a garment you will rely and the thing is i can really tell you come from a manufacturing perspective because sometimes people put their name something and we all know the secret place and those are not for real women.these are for real women with bodies and realize to what to lookvgood and feel sexy. this >>guest: as a princess cut and the princess cut is the
1:34 am
most expensive way of sewing and garment and that slit is a down and gives you the bee shaped. many different princess cuts on the garment and by can wear a corset and have her belly hanging out but not me and not my girlfriends, way what the corset to be long enough so that we did out what our heinie sticking out so it was very important to me that i make it long and comfortable. i want this to be something that you will feel comfortable wearing and you will take it out of6 c13 and wear it. it will not be dust like my courses were and they were pieces of i said what if you pull lace. >>host: feel so highould soar but it is so soft. many of those fashions we are pulling and tugging and we do not want
1:35 am
them to lift up or to ride out of this keeps everything where it is supposed to be, keeps everything in its place but the one thing i will say your fabrics are great. we will talk about fabrics with leggings but this is so soft against your skin.13 >>guest: as everyone knows my husband is bobby serum from bobbi is there and fabrics. --bobby zarin andhe is frumps zarin fabrick zarin fabrics. i got hundreds the e-mail's from all
1:36 am
of you and hopefully you will have a chance to get tonight. a lot of people have been waiting for this to come back. could >>host: we sell the quantity left there are only 2000 for the entire day. i% am wearing the medium/large. in fact just to give you a the medium largest 36- 37, the largest is 38-1/2 thru40. automatically to what ever shapes you have. did >>guest: not be afraid, if you have never worn a corset before it will really give you the comfort that you want and it will fit you. it is roomy and comfortable and it will adjust. i cannot add the size announced that it feels custom-made for you. since it >>host: is sexy without over
1:37 am
the top. it is >>guest: not crazy. hi >>host: and getting it. --i am getting it. lid at an got hers. please say hi to jill. >>caller: watched you on the house lives. i missed you on tv. i >>guest: % now lead a test and. hello >>caller: shannon. i her >>host: you've got a course that i have been wearing all night. it said it sexy? thigh am >>caller: bill wanting a corset foreverink i can't find one? no.stork >>guest: vs sort of shy away corsets a lot retail stores do not know where to put and quite frankly they
1:38 am
come in all these crazy little hooks and eyes and i think people are afraid of a corset. i hope tonight by seeing it in person yourself and how easy it is and on the models and of course on beautiful shannon, anybody can wear this. nothing to be afraid of. >>caller: and so excited i have been wanting one for my back but i could zip damour tie them in they were too short so this is perfect. huge >>guest: not have to have someone there to help you. you can do it yourself. since it >>host: is perfect. i would wear this almost every day because i am standing taller. it does >>guest: help your posture without hurting you. used >>host: feels slim and sexy and shapely. you do not feel it is >>guest: fantastic. nine >>host: 80 way of you were trying to
1:39 am
get through on the today's special we have 20,000 of the today's special gone. if you could not get through please call back now. we have your magnification if you are calling into night. if you do the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. >>guest: unlike where do iwhere do i go? >>host: 1 us to shift over to the model? ok. [laughter] by >>host: the serine is wearing the wonderful 242. it is >>guest: a miracle tank top. that is what i have named it. your >>host: kind of famous for your leggings around here. i know >>guest: everybody is running around in the leggings and even though there are many of their i
1:40 am
think i've worked hard enough and long enough protect the legging and i have a new one tonight. >>host: is what we're going to do for you right now. skweez couture choice of shaper leggings. i do not even know how you came up with a sigh of never seen the fabric like this on and legging. it is >>guest: sort of like the to have high gloss, gloss or a matte finish. this has a little bit of a sheen but it is very microklen got it is impossible to see on television.i am trying to verbally describe it for you it compression and i can see at least four lines of extra compression. and on the back to you have your bottom booster. whoever thought i would be talking about but
1:41 am
but i need3 lift as i am getting older but i also need my waistband to stop rolling over so i came up with 2 in. waist band so will not roll over. lso on the bottom i have two different kinds one has a splash i did not wanted to look like a disco ball but won a little something so it stands out.and you know what? the logo sold out. these are the to the we have left and they sellout. that >>host: absolutely will and was to try her leggings york air- conditioning is almost its own season in the summer months. >>guest: it to read my mind? when it is the hundred and 20 degrees in florida when i come to visit my parents as high as it it
1:42 am
is outside it is so cold inside i freeze in the restaurants in the movie theater so of you go running around in shorts and a tank top and then you go to summer a strut you are going to freeze your bottom of so if you go to a movie on a friday night july these leggings are perfect 365 days a year.ladies' if you have never bought a legging before this is what you need. >>host: make sure look bootie liscious this was travel you travel all over the world, this is the go to item correct? >>guest: you have to pay per ounce practically on an airplane say what things that are light and and you do that have to steam when you get there but you wanted to have stretch. ahai plan on 5
1:43 am
lbs. since i was here last and i need this more than ever i do not want to go out and buy new clothes. i am surviving in my stretch close right now until i can lose weight. and i will.du >>host: go to the officer you can call to a movie in what you are wearing this afternoon. >>guest: item pick off-- shoes throw on a pair of sneakers and a warm-up and go jogging. this is >>host: like a little splash of fun. easy to wash. that >>guest: our colorfast. do you hate leggings and we wash and three times and suddenly they lose all of their color. this you are
1:44 am
never going to lose because the debt of the fabric is is very limited by the way, i do not even know if i could get more of this for the fall. sometimes this is what i can get. definitely >>host: will get upsetobsessed with it. as this is the course that i am wearing there are only 1500 of the corset left for the entire day. i am ordering mind when i get off the air.i remember >>guest: last time, but corset was gone. >>host: sandra from alabamae corset. say hello to jill. hello and >>guest: alexandra. >>caller: yes, this is my first time ordering but i
1:45 am
like watching you and your husband on the show. >>host: is right here, he can hear you. >>caller: have a question. my boss is like 840 d and i have a little tummie problem i look like i am for or five months pregnant unless i sucked in my tummie so does the caller said a hold in your midsection? >>guest: has a moderate compression, sometimes you actually have to order it and tried on but that is the truthless you try it on but it definitely does, if it fits you in the boston you order the right size it should give you the compression you are looking for. myself i do not have a much andffin
1:46 am
top personally i have a loaf of bread. icing keeble like it. and thank you for calling to say hello. on these leggings. you have @ >>guest:em all summer long do not think because it is summertime you do not leave they are a staple they should be in your closet and you might need to get rid of your old leggings that are worn or shrunk or you need to havefresh pair of leggings for the summer, you really do.everyone needs fresh basics and this is one of them. >>host: up a tops coming up in a moment at the end we will be back with gel, and would now we have the hsn spotlight. it is
1:47 am
>>host: once time for the spotlight, keeping you in the know letting you know about the hsn card. you are getting a new look if you do not have the card it is so easy to apply you can call 695-1418. if you are approved you get $10 off. definitely check cubetto on i do hope you would join me at the top of the hour. i have an hour of v by is basically couture. gorgeous pieces incl the top i am wearing but i really wanted to bring this piece out to you and show you these simulated pearl 54 in scarf necklace. it is basically gorgeous scarf made of simulated rice pearls. is this not
1:48 am
the mostand fun thing you have ever seen? three color choices for you this is13 tahitian pearl, we also have it and let them and natural as well. this is a small glimpse of what you'll see so i hope you'll join me at the top of the hour right now i will send it back shannon and jill. of course our favorite housewife is here, a gels therein. jill zarin. >>guest: named this the miracle tank top, it is a miracle because it took 10 lbs. off of me when i needed my miracle i got my miracle. honestly i think this has to be my first, best tank top i have ever made. it
1:49 am
reversible, 24 the price of one. here it is caned and the distinct all the way through and here it is black. trimmed with a little bit of paint. what is so great is on this paint you do not get the seed over a black because of this trend over on the other side with keeping. what great about this it has the wide b and so your bra fits underneath it. i am not in the mindset of having like a bra stick it out underneath the tank. this has such tight compression and by the wayside is up if you want it up the few do not want type compression en size down if you tight compression.3 i love bill length,
1:50 am
you can stretch it down like a dress you can pull it out and it goes with everything.travels in syndicate said ways like nothing, it is 2 for one very you could wear it to the gym or out for dinner could wear @ finnessey with a skirt it goes with everything and it is a miracle because it makes you look so good. here in >>host: is the black and pink of course and then you have to have black and white. i love >>guest: my black- and-white and it is not a beeping, this is blush is a mature working. it feels like suede. it is delicious. i am a >>host: telling you, it is to die for. you know sometimes you put on a tank (...) due 1 >>guest: to let go? i do not want to
1:51 am
snap you but it will go right back perfect shape. i stretch as hard as i can and then right back to perfect shape. now i have to read about my daughter is that a bad thing? this i have washed many times and the reason it has been lost so many times is because my daughter leaves her clothesroom my house keeperings it that anything on the floor than they should so i had to take allyson stock's so this is actually bend through the mill many many times and the color has stayed perfection. that is >>host: huge because not only does the color stay great cat it holds its shape. i have lost a so much because the housekeeper thinks everything on the
1:52 am
floor has to be watched. >>host: note tail is safe here at hsn. i now >>guest: she is watching and she will kill me later. >>host: 8 tops in particular a lot times we feel like they ride up or they're too short for us like you said this is really perfect length. this is >>guest: the perfect link if you are very tall is it will be perfectly at your waist and if you are very rapid c it will longer but what is great is the stretch and softness and this is the miracle tank, there is nothing like it. i have seen tanks at every price point from a very inexpensive the designer several hundred dollars. the scene around the
1:53 am
sides you have no seams is completely flat made on a tubular machine. >>host: that picture says a thousand words. our models before and after. >>guest: if you do not lead to wear a bra, on luster blooms are down to your knees you can go without a bra wearing this. sometime >>host: is we talk about the shapewear tank add they are so heavy they do not breeze. athe. this is >>guest: a go to this will do in, grab this out of your closet does not matter which side throw on a blazer and a pair of pants. go to the gym and you are finished.
1:54 am
it's your >>host: trying to get through on corset only 1500 remain so hundred gone on this presentation. ng my order when i off the air and truth is i a forgot i was wearing it because it is so comfortable. i love it. i know >>guest: you would not say that if did not mean it. you would be nice but you would not say you were notgoing to buy at question and i am a >>guest: not going to lead to buy at i have to give it to you as a gift. paths >>host: summer months were made for capri length and this is not like any capri will find out there anywhere. no >>guest: it absolutely is not. first of all i am wearing them these are my new leggings i just came out with and what did i want to improve on? for me shapewear is all
1:55 am
about the belly. that is my weak spot. what are you asking me for and you are telling me that your biggest problem also is your stomach but how many situps can we do so i am going to do it for you. thank goodness she is not alive because i would not be touching her like this it has very thin ribbing up here and it is like a belt. is there such a thing as a belly belt? i would love to show the models to see how they like it the is the titular leggings maker belly soul thin and tight you could wear any shirt over it and will not
1:56 am
have the pregnancy belly. you know what i am talking about questions >>host: i know exactly. >>guest: it wearing a compression top over it but these are really 365 days a year. the most important thing on a capri is that they are anchored i did a special sewing on the bottom i wanted it to able to sit still. see how they are, i wanted them to sit still i did not want to be walking in have one leg right up. had you ever some time you have in the high or one the is higher than the other and the same thing is true capris one goes and one stays down so i was really important to me that i made a c met that stays down. the quality of the fabric. --seam that
1:57 am
stays down. i am a shapewear you can sleep and that is sexy with lace because he hated the one i was wearing. he hated the old t- shirts. that is another show another time. veni >>host: in ohio is standing by to say hello. hello jill. you all the time. hello >>guest: jill. >>caller: i got the crystal leggings and i have a problem because i am short
1:58 am
/slinky clothes i wear a small so are they real real tight? >>guest:hair pretty true to sizing you might want to also consider the capri because this would be a nice length on you. where would they, and me i am 5 ft. tall? i am >>guest: ok where they are on me. >>guest: think you would be better off with this one rather than the first pair. 30 >>host: dollars for this is really ridiculous when you
1:59 am
consider what it does. uva >>guest: and by leggings3 price $9.99 and $500 from a high-end designer, i to give you something that is quality, i will not allow my name on junk and i will be very particular about of fabric. i was buyer, a merchandiser and most importantly i know how to source and pick and i know quality. i will was something out there that will not hold up.someone else could sell it for a lot less but it will not last that is the only thing i can say, mine last. amazing >>host: quality in you are back at 8:00 in the might be sleeping in those leggings. [laughter] is a >>host: you are trying to get through on the today's special over 20,000 of our finest value of the day are gone. there is now no delay in the ordering process. jill zarin
2:00 am
is back 8:00 a.m. and kerrie is up next. [♪ music ♪] >>host: you are tunic and at such a great time. the best way that i can describe her it is affordable luxury and pieces of clothing that are building your wardrobe a lifetime. first item is the gorgeous top that you seet is the
2:01 am
chiffon blouse with cameras on. that purple multi or pink multi. when it comes to v by it is all about the details. you are going to love all of the around the sleeves on 3 flex pay for you on this. you can get this home at $39.97. it will always be on trend and you will go back to it time and time again.304. then, we have the pearls scarf necklace coming up after that. i showed this in my walk a little while ago and i cannot tell you enough about6 c13 cool and chic and fashion for this is. scarves are all the rage this spring going into summer, and does not everyone is accessorize in with
2:02 am
a scarf. you are looking at a scarf that is in simulated pearl. 3 color choices. tahitian color, a new color as well. this is available on 4 flex pay today. it is brand new and you are the first one's seeing it. stay tuned for that. i am going to mention this at this will sell out. i believe that 25 of you in the country will be able to get this. this is the gun metal tone bezel bracelet watch. the perfect boyfriend watch. everything about this you will love. if it's a 7-7/16 inch wrist.--fits from 6 in. up (...) this morning at
2:03 am
blog on to and enter the item # to grab yours. the perfect cuff bracelet is coming up after that! did i mention it is all about the detail with v by eva?it is all about the detail! the snake design is simply breathtaking on the back and the front. everything about this looks like you would have paid hundreds of dollars for it. look at the crystal detail that you see in the emerald green color proof we also have a black and clear as well. this is priced for her visit $39.95. item #173- 707 prove then we have some great snake pieces for you. i love this necklace. you have to this makes intertwined. think of the if you are given that as a gift. you can also get the earrings as
2:04 am
both the and earrings have a clear crystal detail and the eyes are done in green crystals. very limited in6 c13 up the and earrings. those are priced at a great price. i am just telling you what is in the show and we already sold out of something. that is how popular everything is going to be. the watch sold out! congratulations to those of6 c13 picked that up! it is buy more and save during this hour. that means you pay the highest price shipping and handling for one item during the day and that everything else thatrder in fashion is half- price under shipping and handling. just a great opportunity to pick up more and more stuff with us today. iva has been
2:05 am
in magazines and named one of the most childish-- stylish (...) she is the driving force behind the multifaceted world of the v. somehow she has found time to us this as was a line to hsn. good morning but a butt! >>guest: i am so glad to see you.--eva >>guest: we are just tiered have a really good time. >>host: nothing is
2:06 am
serious! as fashion and fun! >>guest: are lucky to have fun and be inspired and to smile! a little bit, i think! >>host: wonderful! breathtaking! it is all about the detail when it comes to the eva's pieces. she puts it into the pieces that she creates. this is the chiffon blouse with cameras on.-- camisole. this is the pink multi. you can see animal print behind this. >>guest: and believe in being on trend but never it will be great tomorrow and grate the year after. what dc in here that i love? paisleys. hidden inside the paisley is a subtle animal print. you
2:07 am
have the beige and the black and the beautiful color. would you call it like a coral rose? >>host: i would. >>guest: in my mind will always be on trend. then you have the orange (...)i could not decide which one to this is really about what you prefer as a color because they are both so it is enough that when you walk into the you will be noticed. we want to be noticed, but you do not want to be bored. every time people it out, you will be excited to play out. i love this little detail because these are actually believe in straight and fitness of that gives to its lender silhouette and just the opening with a collar on it. we have a little camisole underneath
2:08 am
so that you can have full coverage if you would like it. i am wearing nothing and you cannot see anything. it is not really transparent yet if you feel more comfortable being snubbed in, they go. this leaves have a blunt kind of elegant voluptuous detail. >>host: eva's pieces are about building a wardrobe and getting a gorgeous blouse like this that is in style now will be in style five years and 10 years from now and you are creating a wardrobe with her pieces. both of these are exquisite.them are absolutely gorgeous! >>guest: with your eyes, i think the blueprint would be fantastic. >>host: i am in love with both of these.
2:09 am
you have the balloon sleeves were there is something to me, eva up with a loosely that your arms appear thinner. it is thinner and also has a graciousness. it is so nice. i look at this and it makes me think of summer and going out and having fun. look at how many ways everyone is wearing page pants, a black skirt. i and bring it with black leggings. this morning had it on with white jeans. you could have an ominous start. you can dress it down or dress up. that is what i love about it. >>host: you have the lightweight sheer chiffon that is perfect for spring and summer. then you will wear this all year long. >>guest: it will never go out of style. paisley has been around forever. a little bit of
2:10 am
leopard and leopard will never go out of style. it is seasonless. is about you more than anybody about the season. >>host: and can get a close-up on the sleeve detail? it is really about the exquisite when it comes to this fabulous line of clothing. all of this sequin detail each one is individual designs. then you have copper grommets down the center. it is like a piece of art. >>guest: it is almost the tiny details that no one notices, but is enough because rides on your sleeve that think that you are wearing jewelry. it is not a lot. it is subtle. sometimes it is the subtle things that make a big difference. so >>host: true! you have the pink and eva has the
2:11 am
purple multi is stunning. if you can swing it, pick more than one and take advantage of the buy more and save and in both colors. it is available on 3 flex pay. $39.97 on your credit card plus shipping and tax on your first. you get this home and you get to start wearing it now. if you have weddings and graduations and all that coming up and you need the perfect blouse that is completely versatile, that you will be able to go back to over and over again, this is that. when you come back? are you back at 7:00? >>guest: i am back at 7:00 p.m.. >>host: this is going to be gone by then. >>guest: you were talking about the process scarf and it is just so beautiful. i was looking at were the gray one its and put it on and whether you are doing that are your own jewelry or nothing to write?
2:12 am
just talking this in into a tour of jeans, you will feel like you do not need anything more. >>host: i sound like a broken record because i talk about that i want my pieces to be just said that. you attack it in and wear it with a capri and jeans and skinny jeans or skirts. you have all the versatility in something that will be in your wardrobe from now until forever. that is what we will >>guest: thank you! [laughter] >>host: it will, because the fabric is so soft and gorgeous. eva creates that stay in fashion. he do not have to worry about and i invested in something in to something i am not going to be wearing next year? no, it eva travels the world and she knows everything about
2:13 am
fashion! she knows what is in style and crease those pieces that have the longevity and always going to be and style. you really outdid yourself with this. >>guest: i am kind of in love with this piece. we always stand in front of our wardrobes and say i have nothing to wear. the whole idea is what is it that we want to wear that we can always rely on? at the end of the day, getting dressed should be fun. it should not be a these are some of the pieces that will always make it fun. >>host: that is the best way of describing it because we do that and are closets. >>guest: fashion is a moment and styles days and this will stay. >>host: % to create your own individual style. the top that is coming up is the top that i have on. i am loving this6 c13 just the most perfect soft fabric that you will love.
2:14 am
it comes with a belt that has the most exquisite bead detail that is made to look like% this is all beaded, you guys! unbelievable! 3 colors. i am wearing the patio, we have a coral and the beautiful neutral that you are looking at there. we 3 flex pay on stay tuned for that. then another top, this is what i wore last time that eva was geared to visit item # 163-837. this is second top with lace trim. everything about this topic as so feminine and beautiful and sad with lace trim that is seen collar. look at the la tassel in the the visit, 9 $9.90 and on 3 flex pay. there is the ivory and the black. that is coming up. just the most beautiful bangle bracelet is
2:15 am
coming up as well. this is the simulated lapis hinged bracelet. is this not beautiful on the wrist? the gorgeous simulated lapis all in the hematite item #173-688. we are encouraging you to log on to right now and grab it you would like it. the watch sold out and the first two seconds of the+ show. dole had a lot on and grab that now. now, we have been talking about is so cool, i could go on andobviously all of the rage. going into spring and summer, we are all excess arising with eva has stepped it up a million notches because she has created the
2:16 am
simulated pearl svarc. 54 in. in mind. simulated pearl scarf necklace. we have a natural, platinum and tahitian color as well. >>guest: there are 35 strands. >>host: is >>guest: the weight is unbelievable and the colors! as close to the perfect pearls as you want. you can twist it and where is so many different ways. i am going to show you. can i do that on you? am i allowed to get up! >>host: please! >>guest: this is the one thing that you can do. >>host: eye and the biggest scarf girl in the world ever! >>guest: it is an incredible necklace.
2:17 am
if you want, you can do another not right there that i love to do. >>host: look at how much fun you can have with this! as eye-catching. >>guest: when you look at it, it is like drop it also be of the most chic pearl necklace in the and it is so exaggerated because it is 35 strands! look at the workmanship of the back and the way they are gathered ey're all tiedwith another strand of pearls. 35 was not enough. we had an ad in. it is not a really what it is is an over the top pearl necklace. >>host: it is amazing! it is all wrapped around the back with another strand of the simulated rice pearls. 3 color choices on these. natural platinum and tahitian. if you want the different
2:18 am
element and that's something when you are getting dressed in the morning and you want to throw something different instead of a traditional necklace or to change out the look of your look at how much fun you can have an all the different ways of tying this. i am obsessed with this! >>guest: put it like this and have it i have way too many necklaces on right you can do it as a look at that! >>host: stop it is so stinking cute! >>guest: elegant prose and is not heavy. 35 strands of pearls like killing my neck is unworkable. i think this is divine. because it is pearls and because pearls are soaked in right now and pearls have been in is one of those
2:19 am
pieces that will peak fund this year and then i do not want to see it again. that you can relyarls back because i was have this thing that pearls are classic and forever, but they bore me and makes me think of my grandmother and this thing i do not want. i wanted to rethink the whole pearls thing. >>host: you did it well. >>guest: i came back very pearlyzed for you! these are think are fun and classic! i think they are very relevant and i think they are unexpected. >>host: unexpected is the best way to describe it. this is brand new. you are the first one seen this. can pick this up now. did not risk them selling out or your color choice selling out. this is made available on 4 flex
2:20 am
pay for3 basically that means that you pay $42.49 on your own credit card and on that first payment we charge the shipping and handling and the tax and we ship into you in about 48 hours. eva said it is all about creating your own personal style. that is what a piece like this is all giving you the individuality. >>guest: this is not something you are going to see anywhere and it took a long time to figure out how to do this. it was generous enough and not too heavy. this is a piece that will become one of how you call it? >>host: 02? >>guest: it is a statement piece that he can rely on and enjoy knowing that it will never got out of style. >>host: it would be like a carrie. >>host:
2:21 am
>>guest: i could wear it to a graduation or a party or a cocktail or if i want to make someone angry that they did have. any of the above. [laughter] >>host: lity. we do not know where you would find something like this. eva created this exclusively for you at hsn. i feel like i am wearing a chic tie! is so much 35 strands of pearls all wrapped with the gorgeous pearl all the way around the it is stunning! >>guest: luck at that! that is so divine! >>host: that is where you will have so much fun is the different ways that you wear- >>guest: you will find a way that you like to wear at the best. if you are in the winter and have
2:22 am
the big turtleneck, you may want to drape it and to tie it once. there she goes! my little genius is turning into a belt! who has a pearl belt? i do not know! >>host: with the cardigan and a sweater and you are wearing a tank and the need and having this popping this is brand new and the first time you are seeing something so unique and so beautiful! this is about you creating your own individual style with something that is so chic and awesome. you will love having this. take advantage of the 4 flex pay to get this home. just choose your color choice and have it within a of days and start loving it% 173-696. please use express ordering. you can also log on to to grab this as
2:23 am
$42.49 to get home is a deal! that's a great deal! have a great new features and hsn cooks is our spotlight series. i believe it is time to take a look in art spotlight. let us see what we have come up. [♪ music ♪] [♪music♪] >> can you say i'm walking for my leah? >> i'm walking for my leah! [laughter] >> we're walking in memory of our daughter leah elizabeth, who was born prematurely due to a condition called thanatophoric dysplasia which is a lethal form of dwarfism that did not allow her to have life after birth. we actually had an hour and nine minutes with her before she passed away, and we're walking in her honor, and for the march of dimes who can provide research for this type of disease and so that many other people can enjoy healthy babies. [♪music♪]
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>>host: hsn cares is committed to raising funds and awareness to support the march of this season, as we celebrate mother's and day, you can call number or code to keyword march of dimes. [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪]
2:26 am
[♪ music ♪] >>host: lorenzotti you have seen her in all the magazines. you can also see her as the host of luxury explorer television and so much more. she+ an exclusive line right here for us at hsn. we are so fortunate to have eva with us at hsn. >>guest: i love being here! >>host: it was extremely popular the last time we had this year.707. for visage, priced at $39.95. this is the first airing of the visit. if you want to grab your color in this, i urge you to do this now. this is the design
2:27 am
crystal hinged bangle bracelet. just the really most beautiful, bangle bracelet that you see here. i am wearing the green, but you can also grab it in black and clear as. look at all of the shimmer on eva, i want you to talk about the detail because it is about the detail! >>guest: it is all about the tell! look at the amounts of workmanship that you have here. the snake, every part of the body is what do you call it?scaled! beautiful scaling and has the jewels inside and the scaling goes all the way and the back. the tail is like curling up. you have to be snake lover for this, but even if you are not as make lover has say wow! factor to it. >>host: it looks like a piece that you pay hundreds 4. >>guest: that has
2:28 am
the feeling of being a piece that you look it in an old antique market and you found that belong to a family member because it has a vintage old world feel that i really like. we have the big pieces, you do not want them to be soby the factor of the design and the portion, they are a big statement. and you want the settlements. it is a big statement. >>host: your rights and is chic as sophisticated. the coiled snake detail is as odd hammered and textured in the back. metal work is done in a detail all detail! all with the hands design. really easy to get on and off. it is so fun to wear it like a bangle bracelet this,
2:29 am
also fond of the arm. >>guest: a love doing that. i cannot move my shirt up, but wearing it up i think is so beautiful! the other thing that i think is really nice is the weight. it is a very big and and audacious bracelet without being a over-the- top. it is so light and easy. you can have it on and not think about it. >>host: that is a great it has agreed suede. not all heavy but so substantial. everything has a nice clasp. and also something you went into a little shop. >>guest: or a big shot! [laughter] >>host: but no where
2:30 am
close to >>guest: snake have always been my signature now more than6 c13 are all over the place. these once are like really amazing! >>host: do you think that we see a girl wearing something like that, i want to know that girl! >>guest: you want to say hello, right? >>host: if you3 this please be on the line because we have of view on the phone to grab this. i will keep you choose your color about more than one for your girlfriends $39.95 is an amazing value! for all of you snake lovers! >>guest: we have more snakes! >>host: this is double had snake design job necklace and earrings. you have your choice. would something like this is hard to
2:31 am
break up the set because they are really adorable. you have the intertwined snake design. the detail on the snake head is what will make you fall in love with there is clear crystals on the top and each snake has green crystal eyes. i love that you did this. >>guest: this is a different look from the last may. i know that we are talking about snake again but it is such a jewel perfection. i do not know if you have looked at the back of his head. it is a better copy. when i wear, is like where did you get it? i worked on making it much longer and change the heads around and look at the back of the head how this is. it is so
2:32 am
refined. is impressive but not too big because the juice down, earrings with the movement that bilberry type look this is a piece not to miss. i do not know that i will be able to do this again. actually, i know i will not be able to do it >>host: your you look and at it and it is like oh my goodness!! i have to have that! you know that it will look fabulous and be in fashion and make you stand out in a crop. that is what is really about is having some of the unique and that is stands out in a crowd. the necklace i love the they intertwine. that is beautiful symbolism especially giving as a gift. >>guest: it is room, when you
2:33 am
look at head to toe and you know exactly what she is wearing and then the other one you do not. that is what i want to bring is that sense of individuality and the sense of putting things together that become you wear when you walk in everyone is wondering, right? >>host:ich girl the want to be? girl that was in the room and everyone wonders what you are wearing and everyone looks at your look or the other one?obviously, want the one that shows our personality. >>guest: it is becoming the different things that you collect overtime that become your individual style. most of them are done because you fall in love with these pieces that are different. >>host: that is what your line is about is helping to individual style. >>guest: it is about staple things great architecture. go with simplicity and then add
2:34 am
and layers and make it becomes something every time different. >>host: sometimes we do not accessorize it because it is hard when you do not know art what looks great with about pieces that will help you to create your own individuality and stay in style year after year. imagine walking a room wearing these earrings and this necklace. this is your chance to get it. first airing of the visit again. you get the earrings at $34.95 and the necklace at $39.95. a great buy today! will keep you posted as to how quickly those are selling out as well. earrings i have on! somewhat accessed at set-- obsessed! you can choose the ring or the bracelet. this has the most
2:35 am
beautiful simulated blue lapis. it is covered with hematite color crystals. and the ring i love how it looks on the hand. another set later in the hour. clear crystals hematite tone jewelry. hematite colored all the way that is the necklace right there and we have the earrings available. i know they are very limited and you are seeing how things are going this. if you want to log on to, that is a great idea. limited it looks like we have sizes 5 6 and 7 only. item # 143- 372. if you are size 5, 6 and 7 log on to
2:36 am and be one of the gross who gets to get the limited number of this ring. the most beautiful stake design. on and $19.95. this ring does not look like a ring that you paid $90.95 on. >>guest: is a secret!-- item #143- 372. [laughter] >>host: unreel the compliments. i was in the make up brim and the makeup artist said that sure is fabulous! is incredibly flattering on. this is the blouse with a beaded belt. 3 flex pays at $36.63 on your credit card get this home to you. you pay flex pay and you will have a top that you wear for years and
2:37 am
years. and look fabulous. lots of different ways to wear. i cannot wait for anybody to you about the belts. that color is the taupes. you also saw coral and i am wearing the eva, the exquisite belt it! >>guest: this is an obi belt. all of the design is all done in tiny beads that are handstitched into a pattern. is like a. the detail. if you want to do it on the side, you can. if you want to do it backwards you can. if you do not want to wear the belts and just tuck in, it is beautiful because it has the comfortable that is to give you the whole shape. it is a versatile top that completely
2:38 am
forever. i mean forever because it is so simple. off the shoulder, with any color that you prefer. i love the sleeves like we call them the wing sleeves, the kimono sleeves, but they are all open and square. they give you a gracefulness. in the summer they are area. >>host: it is so free-flowing and i love theflattering.-- love the change sizes and and you want something you willit.
2:39 am
>>guest: if well the detail. that is why great construction makes things the most important thing is how things look on you. not what they if you feel great in something, you will always want to wear it all the time. >>host: never going to go item style! it will look fantastic and be the perfect addition to your when you get a last-minute invitation to or the wedding coming up we do not have anything to wear forever the big event is we have had thevfeeling where it is like what i am going to wear? i have to think of something to you will always have this gorgeous design a
2:40 am
top at an amazing price. the price was brought down to this visit. you $36.63 on your credit card plus the shipping and handling and tax on the first payment. you can start wearing it maybe you are wondering, what is this going to look like on? pay first flex pay and it home and try it on. if you are not happy with and, 30 and today's the money back guarantee. to truly fall in love with this, you need to put it on for yourself and see how beautiful it makes you feel. >>guest: this taupe pink, beige the color of the season! i love it because tinah hall against the whites, there is nothing more alike get. i keep looking at it as you are touching it. if you want to know color color
2:41 am
that is the color that is the color. did i make a lot of sense? [laughter] >>host: it looks beautiful with your skin and all the least detail on the obi belt individual hand beaded work. is that not great? >>guest: look at how small they are! >>host: 3 flex pay on this one. just choose your to get this home. we want you to be in the know. we are going to take you back into the spotlight once more. [♪ music ♪] >>host: hsn will premiere the disclose the world launch of bag.25th, at 9:00 p.m.
2:42 am
eastern time. you can order judges cd on is amazing.-- josh's. you can like us on facebook. there is an with just turner. now you are in the know! [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: we are going to outfit your bedroom with fantastic wonderful items for your bed furniture and a corps. my name is brett- coming up at the top of the hour, we have great choices including this mattress pad which of all the choices to an hsn, this is the one i bought for my own bed. you are getting the soft, 1 full sherpa throw a top field. it has the waterproof barrier underneath to protect your mattress. we have
2:44 am
all sizes available and it is $20 off! i think i paid full price for you will love this mattress pad! one of our absolute a customer pick from nate berkus. set of 3 flameless candles with remote. when you hear the story about made and his decision to do these, he made sure there were a real beautiful slicker that was. the, the universal remote. a safe and easy way and still using will wax candles with the make a fantastic gift. we with six or seven colors. all we have left our spruce, ultraviolet and burgundy. that is a purple, deep red and green. they are a great gift for all the locations coming up this summer. i will join you atvthe top of the hour. i will see and if you. >>host: thank brads! i am carrie smith and eva jeanbart lorenzottiis still with me.
2:45 am
we have some great pieces and the hour is dwindling6 c13 just told or even during the break that this one of my favorite pieces rightva. feather hinged bracelet.visit. it is for the visits, $49.95. notice the gorgeous leather design on the beautiful hinged bracelet. you have some simulated lapis right there. it is done in what i think is the hottest in jewelry which is the hematite >>guest: it is the mixture between the hematite and the actualnd i like a contradiction of the lapis stone because it is like this you that plays together. the
2:46 am
bracelet is stunning, but i have to say that the earrings are wear my heart is on this one. i have been wearing them a little bit recently because that are all very, and enough of an earring that you do not have to wear anything everyone says where are they from? i say, do you like them? here you she said that she owed by 6 pair because she keeps taken them off and giving them to people. >>guest: the ring is so much fun because it is so generous! look how big it is and yet is so comfortable and you can move your fingers. the ring is to intertwined together. i think is very unexpected. >>host: it. you have the length and it is very smooth and easy to wear and low profile
2:47 am
to the hand. each one of these are so unbelievably are so organic because the have the feather tell. you have a look that is beautiful. the hematite with the crystal and a simulated lapis is stunning! it pops out of it. these are at a great the bracelets $49.95. her ears because of her friends steal tell me that these earrings are note earrings if you saw this anywhere that you would be gravitated toward! i would run up to anybody who has these are on. >>guest: it is like they are generous and bake. the other thing about this line is it is elegant. it does not look like a father. it just has that beautiful movement to it. it is very intricate and could
2:48 am
be a crown and has a lot of open work and hematite mixed in with the lapis. they do not feel you have this great contrast! >>host: the bracelet you are looking at (...) >>guest: we are going to double them up. do you want to make a statement? there you go! >>host: this is the doubled up bracelet look and i have just fallen love with it. we will show you this look in just a second. coming what vogue magazine says is one of 10 most stylish women in the world and she just put two of them love it! fetters are such a great thing in fashion! the hematite, you have some many elements that are so on trend. when you have
2:49 am
something like this that is instant conversation (...) >>guest: if you have 1 though white t-shirt and a pair of jeans is a game changer! i could see this with a maxi dress this summer and i can see in the winter with a big turtleneck or some big jacket that you have and you want something to bright upper face. even though feathers are the thing this season and everywhere these do not look like those regular feathers and fathers will be back. lightweight.
2:50 am
the earrings from me, i am not trying to be picky about it. >>host: i am going to let you beat. >>guest: my second favorite, these earrings are divine. >>host: they are must haves. >>guest: when i look at them, i think that you wanted india and made went to one of the amazing palaces and got one of these jewelry guys to make them for >>host: you know how you have the one golfer with the cutest earrings in the world and it is like where did you get those earrings?are. you need to be that one >>guest: that one girlfriend has that one boyfriend, right? [laughter] >>host: you do not need that boyfriend! you can get them yourself. $39.95. they are lightweight
2:51 am
and feel great on the year. it is exquisite! >>guest: is extremely and bold. i think that is what makes it relevant3 what relevant things, but things our bold and you want to put it on and feel like this actually did something and changed my mood or what i am% it gave me something. >>host: and expressed my personality. sometimes you want your accessories to do it. >>guest: anybody who wears this definitely has personality. >>host: that is so 3.25 in. in length 1.5 in. on the earrings. they are such a feminine and beautiful size. i have them with my hair they are a nice size that will pop out even if i pull my hair over my ear like wear your hair
2:52 am
up a lot for have shorter hair, imagine how it will pop. because you have the blue lapis and the dark tones with the crystals you will be able to wear this with so many things in your wardrobe. the earrings, we are very partial to. do not forget aboutnd the cuff bracelet as well. this is an amazing opportunity to get this set. >>guest: i did not mean to be so one- i cannot help it. if i have a little of session, i've got to show it. >>host: we get reap the benefits of your passion! be as passionate as you want.looking at the necklace. you can get that to go along with value! he is a value on the necklace. the argan and $95.--$39.95. item #173-
2:53 am
694. if you are on the phone, please do not hang up. we have another sellout. if you pick up the gorgeous ring, the steak ring with the hematite and crystal it is so beautiful. we had another ring that i would like to let you know about.#095-924. pavè- crystal choice of design dome ring. you have another snake ring right there. it so cute and get sassy and fun. he also have the cross the dome shape is so comfortable pop of color and a great value! we have a another necklace and earring set for you. this is the last one of the hour. you add into
2:54 am
your wardrobe and wear it for years and years because that is how classic and beautiful these are. these are the hematite tone drop necklace and earrings. you have the gorgeous oval design and the circular crystal detail. in the hematite tone, just the most detail all the way around. the necklace is 17.75 in. in length. you also have the earrings to go along with it as tell us about these! >>guest: these are very classic. they are from a venetian design that is extremely classic back in the '60s. the rotunda a sort of work. if with the stones are, it is time. the only
2:55 am
thing that is classic about it is the fact it is a little bit bumped the reason is bumped up is because i want to give you a little bit more of that typical classic so that you had more well this is sort of what you call your little black dress. we all need a lot little black dresses in your closet. the things that you know you can always rely on and you will knock a board of. it is completely classic. this is it. your little black dress. >>host: your. you will be able to where it with anything. that is so fun! >>guest: it is your go to prove it will be suitable for everything. >>host: very limited on that. a special with the story. some
2:56 am
things in selling health very quickly. please read earrings and the necklace together. really great value. you will love having them in your wardrobe and go back to them time and time again. they look like you pay hundreds of dollars. >>guest: it is all about the detail. one thing i am obsessed with is the detail. i it is all the little things that create amazingies that make perfection. i am obsessed the way things are finished and fit and things like the tassel ending up there as a that gives you a little something more on your shirt. having all the unexpected moments create the differences and the things that we relish. is the stuff that i assessed
2:57 am
sometimes to the point it will not make it here because i am so upset with its! [laughter] >>host: we want it to last and have great detail. that is what we can feel confident about doing what we get your pieces. this is a value for this. this was brought down 9 $9.90. 3 flex paysva $33.30 a month for this amazingof wearing this top the first and only other time i have gotten to work with eva. is the most unique and adorable and beautiful satin. you have the least detail going back to what eva was saying. all the attention to detail all around the collar and the sleeve as well. two colors ivory and and this is your black. $33.30 a
2:58 am
month on your credit card for this one. i love the detail. >>guest: the shirt has got so much detail in lace is probably the hottest thing this season. every couture designer has got it coming and going. it is so big right now and it will be big again and one of those classic things. the shirt has an amazing amount of detail and yet remain long the slick is and how generous it is. you have open cut work along the bias of the the lace that is all designed almost like cut out by hand. not back on
2:59 am
the inside so it lays like you are wearing almost a necklace or something. both on the and the the and the tassels that you were opened or tie. detailed and also refined and subtle. it has a very princess tight feeling that ive. >>host: me too! i love the lace detail that you did on the sleeve. it allows the have the peekaboo skin. does it not get more feminine than this? they have the caller as well. it goes all the way around the back of the top. details. >>guest: are back is so important as our front, and you think? >>host: i cannot agree more! such a unique something that you will add to yourwardrobe and wear
3:00 am
a season after season and year afterr. take advantage of the flex we get that home. you will dress it up or dress it down. >>guest: do you know what i love about it? when you take a top like this and put on a white pair of pants or a simple pair of jeans. it is thosentradictions and live to make life extraordinary. >>host: eva, your back at 7:00! thank you so much. i am sending it over to brett chukerman! [♪ music ♪] >>host: how well we make your bedroom more comfortable glamorous and a wonderful place for you to spend evening with us here at hsn. starting with our customer
3:01 am
tipped and personal pick of all the mattress against that concierge collection brings us this is the one i bought for my bed and i have to tell you i love may links sure but in the summer may be a little too hot but it is he did all, if it is just only soft, cloud 9 comfort. it has a great waterproof barrier so whether you have a3 mattress you want to protect or maybe an older one and you need some extra softness this is a customer pick and by the way $20 off the price and i think i people \ \ \ \ \ \ paid full price for this winter and now from highgate manor is very popular it is called the strut three piece comforter set.2 pillows and the beautiful comforter you have a bold design but some soft pastel
3:02 am
colors great for spring into summer. it is available now at $70 and you have flex pay available on all sizes. some great sheets going back to that we have some: sheets. get to the hotel is not a favorite thing noticing how and i hear those sheets are, now you can have that sophistication in your own home, 450 thread count 100% cotton and itthe sateen weave. up a couple of sets and match them back in force to your pillows cases, a great set so do not miss out on that. coming up a little bit later whether it is for your own home or as gift everyone loves nate berkus set of three flameless candles. they come with a universal remote so you could pick up a couple of sets and
3:03 am
use them all on one remote. we started with six seven colors and we are down to the last three. very popular, a beautiful 3 late led slicker to them but they are still made of relax so they look and feel like candles but completely safe obviously no drama you can look candles absolutely anywhere in your home.i promise i will get through this show without being taught in type to many times those are coming up later in the hour but with that being said do not hesitate. basically it is my bed right here, this is my favorite and anybody who has watched me with concierge collection you know how much a fan sure i am. the sherpa throw and be sure of blanket now he can be the foundation of your bed this is a customer pick. it is
3:04 am
also my personal pick i have this on my bed at home and even here in not a concern is about comfort, cloud 9 soft comfort. are going to absolutely love it and armored dear friend ellen bunner is here >>guest: i think it is going be a 14 minute testimonial from brett on this matter is bad. you are not alone because it is a customer pick and it is a good one. >>host:are so many great features of waterproof barrier for the bad (...) >>guest: we have all seen in the waterproof mattress pad sory maybe you have heard a waterproof mattress pad because they are using like a loud piece of plastic for your bed but this is not that. this will add softness,
3:05 am
cushion and protection to your mattress, all the while making it feels so much better. with our sure bus rows. --shirt >>guest: when i was shopping, you know me. >>host: pry iced went shopping is said way florida it is hot down here was a little hesitant but i have to tell you personally13 it has already been hot here but it is totally and breathable. i promise you, you are going to feel a difference the first time you put this on your are going to absolutely love are getting
3:06 am
a great value this morning. all sizes available, it is a fantastic value. think about the mattress in your house it. >>host: a mattress that is one of essential pieces for every room in your home and it is under $40 so it doesn't matter if you a king or a california king size bed. it is an extension of your mattress you can protector mattress you canc13 put back on the bed. what is great about this you have sure on the exterior soy gives you a nice fluffy resilience talk later. have a cils a you can see it is actually quilted. everything stays in place, you have piping here and a wonderful thing it.
3:07 am
if you have a deep mattress many have a pillowtop that needs to be replaced or upgraded this will slip right over it.a 18" elastic all the way around and more importantly we always try to give you 2 way stretch so it is easy to get the last corner on the bed and when you do it will stay in place.+ >>guest: i hate changing the sheets on the bed and it is always because of the old mattress pads because when the mattress pad comes off it is 10 times more difficult to make the bed. this one does not ever come off and i think i am washing my sheets more than i used to because i am not afraid anymore. i might be embarrassing myself a little bit here but i have actually had to throw away a couple of mattresses we had an older cat and it went straight
3:08 am
anybody who cats know is the curse death if they have an accident so imagine having a waterproof barrier.your mattress is not an inexpensive purpose and it takes time to find one that fits you so suddenly whether it is a cat with an accident or a cup of coffee in the morning you can give yourself that barrier. and those barriers that some of us invested in is like a plastic >>guest: i brought one in because i want you to see the difference i am not going to pour anything on it because this is waterproof so when it is waterproof you have a backing underneath so really gives you the ultimate protection from spills. >>host: you actually have to clean the mattress pad but not your hundreds of dollars
3:09 am
mattress. but that is completely safe with this mattress pad. >>guest: you can see this is plastic you can hear it, you can hear it every time you move and it comes with a skirt but it is like paper and after a couple of times of putting it on are taking it off the bed, in grips. this one has no plastic with a great softerior, this is the backing underneath it is actually a fabric. this is what will contain any spill from getting on your mattress. and then you have a little bit of and loft in this. you really do kind of sing in really is comfortable. this is like my favorite one to sit on or hang out on. >>host: this
3:10 am
is a wonderful experience. you will get a new sense of luxury and comfort relaxation. >>guest: i always say when you get this when you will be tempted to take it now. >>host: have done it, you know the hours that i work knaps are a must have l 1 eyes throw my sheets in a couple of times i'd like this is kind of nice even without the sheets. >>guest:feel so good when you come in close it was so you so that you can see even though is water proof it has a great resiliency to it but you've never slip your bare feet into those great little cushy boots it feels so good, this is what this feels like under your body but it is waterproof. maybe you have a child better you want to put something that gives you the ultimate
3:11 am
protection and your guest but watcher just to be like rolling around un allow plastic mattress pad? this one, no one will ever know is waterproof. >>host: if you have that mattress it feels a little rough or hard, it is hard getting off this this morning because it is so good. we have so many wonderful reviews on this, if you can please give us a call and join us but i am a personal call in this morning i can be the testimony on myself.3 seen lots of different mattress pads. >>guest: i took the time to pick and choose when i moved into my in st. petersburg but here is a testimonial talk line if you want to share your story. i have to say if you have been shopping around you
3:12 am
know what a great price this is, $20 off the price this morning and that incredibly affordable prices from all the way up to california king. tube said it we have less than 800 of these left, (...) >>guest: good easily begun. >>host: pickup a couple of them, take them to the summer house or send them with your son or grandson off to college. you will know that they a comfortable snugly dead that they will absolutely love and you will have peace of mind knowing your mattress as a waterproof barrier on it. >>host: >>guest: when you are looking c13 waterproof mattresses, it will give you nothing but the wateron. i am glad you brought the
3:13 am
pet thing because so many of us lead with our pets and that can easily13 for an accident to ruin your mattress. >>host: be you have some control but i do not. i say no and then it is like you are so cute even if i have to throw away a bunch of mattresses we will do anything our animals. now you can do something for yourself and this is for your enamelling type of risk free right now. >>guest: disquiet which is huge and another thing is that they do fit your bed.that is key because if you get a masters at home and it does i go over your mattress, it does not work it will slip off continuously and this is one that is made with stretch and given to directions, it gives you that easy fit13
3:14 am
sure to a mattress pad that we have in our inventory. and when i am shopping around up there i have yet to see a mother sure of.who >>host: excited about it, the sherpa throw, how many of those did i3 >>guest: many did you buy? >>host: 24 is three dozen of them because6 c13 are obsessed. sure but is perfect with your pets. now to give everybody update on quantities we have 1000 leftwin and california king. i am a california king guy myself. >>guest: i am as well. and miss the twin size guy yovan always cells about his son when he was small and the ball one of those plastic mattress pads and he said why it is my bed made
3:15 am
what you want a mattress pad it will give you peace of mind but it will also be comfortable and quiet. >>host: maybe your kids think there's some monsters in their bed13 the waterproof mattress pad. we to solve that problem and gave them a comfortable solution. you will love this when you get this home and you run your hands across it. when you get it on bed we guaranteed that sheets less first nat. you might worry about sheets or breathability but do i am here from florida i run my ac as little as possible i want to keep my ac bills down and i am a big fan keeping consumption of energy and resources down and i swear by this mattress pad. i have an expense of mattress it is of the w hotel series it is a big
3:16 am
thick 8 18" and this fits perfectly on it and it was absolutely a worthwhile enhancement. just when you think your mattress cannot get any better, have like a tempered heated jakori memory foam mattress (...) nice thing about this is not overly stuffed because sometimes you do not to ask the support your mattress offers. it will give you little that of (...) >>host: we are sorry but if you're looking for a twin size that is gone. california king will be the next to sell out. it is the one i have, i can swear by this we may not have anybody the line people might be a
3:17 am
little shy today but i can say from personal experience that i swear this mattress pad. the matter what the temperature the weather or the season it will be an enhancement that you will love. >>guest: is good. is cozy so definitely take back neck before you put the she'd done. >>host: may i take one now? nothings cells batting better than snoring so maybe we can lay down and take a nap. are going to offer you while you are on the phone this is fantastic so for basically $6.25 a nice, soft cushion pillows. it is a 4- pack for under $25. >>guest: when we do the four packs we made sure the of
3:18 am
below is everyone's below it is more of the medium fill and this one is done with a start over. >>host: you a lighter colored linen the star pattern will create a little bit of a pattern. it is a sweet way to give yourself some pattern in style but you can change it out. it is a whimsical design accented you can have when you want to and when you do not. >>guest: we did a microfiber cover on them so it is great for two reasons.if you have ever purchased and held it is stiff fabric is very thick it is not comfortable with this is very pliable. these are machine and two years is really
3:19 am
the life span of a pillow or less and i say this the thing is you can see of your pillow is flattened or stained but there is also the thing should cannot see like the dust mites and the dander and the things that get into your pillow. >>host: i imagine everyone is watching right now says two years, what if i have had mine for six. these are going to be machine washable so they might than two years and i have to say personally i like a loft pillow with a lot of support. >>guest: % really squishy. i >>host: like a lot of height but a lot of give. >>guest: is hardcover comes in and these also make great sham stuffers and nothing can ruin look of a bad than a skimpy little worn out to law in a sham
3:20 am
that does not fill it out. if you notice the profile of these this is full and esso will out your pillowcases also your fellow shams 8 pillow is very important not only does it support your head, neck and spineis a sanitary issue. if you wake up in the morning and you are rubbing your eyes it could be as easy as changing your pillow. think of these even for your guest room.also love the idea of 4-pack pillows on a bed is very hotel inspired. the love it when you have your bed pillows and there are extra pillows in the closet that you can add to the bed. >>host: usually have six or eight pillows on the bed. yeah >>guest: need to sets of also have a set in the linen closet so
3:21 am
when need be you can change the3 and have a freshman. >>host: run it is calling from ohio to talk about the great sure cuffed mattress pad. --sherpa major pick up the phone and decide to order our sherpas mattress pad saw where it was waterproof and i have medical problems hooked up to ideas and things like that and i am in a hospital bed so i figured it would fit over the special mattress that is on my bed and did is that wonderfully and it will cut and stuff. before that i had a down one or if othera got feathers everywhere. >>guest: so you
3:22 am
upgraded. >>caller: i upgraded and i was very happy and i also got a four pillows. >>host: you plan from all the way to the bottom all the way of so thank you so much for your call we are happy to have you here at hsn.please stay in the ordering process for these pillows and do not get to sleep be. we will see you again next hour. >>host: have to go meet with allegra ellen bunner will be the one who has to (...) before you flawless sleek we have some very exciting things happening so let have into the spotlight. [♪ music ♪] take a look at all things going on here at c13 have incredible la action with the snow
3:23 am
white and the huntsman few movie, we have a collection inspired by the movie typingeyword snow white and we are excited to have the opportunity presenteces inspired by this film. [commercial] ahhh
3:24 am
[commercial] [♪ music ♪] >>host: [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host:like our caller said if you are looking to redo the bed and a great new style and a great look we can always count on high the manner
3:25 am
which is why allegra buffington this and this is the first time we're going to do this great medallions said at a price break. 2 payments available so let's talk about this. did a very3 blue x scented in a brownstone and a little bit of ivory. the medallion design has been given a new twist so it is almost contemporary. three pieces and by the way machine washable. i absolutely love that because who does not love and easy care fabrication. it will not cost you any dry cleaning money and because it is a microfiber it will not wrinkle. it will always look as pristine as you are seeing right now. this is a for season comforter as well as
3:26 am
the13 included and you can redecorate your attire bedroom for this low price. if a >>host: you'll love the medallion or the soft pastels you see here on the bed we have these two great decorative pillows the reason i want to bring this up we have a hundred left. if you love the entire look make sure you add those close to your order before they are gone. do not come back in a weaker to and say what happened to the pillows. we want to make sure you are a wear of that. >>guest: know what else i love, it is very lofty but it is lightweight. you can use this in the summertime. if you go into the cooler nights you just layer another blanket. you will always have this wonderful evocation up against your skin. it is a peach
3:27 am
rose petal kind of feel. it will feel great against your skin. it is so easy when you company company or relatives if you have an air mattress or a sofa bed maybe you are sending your kids off to college with this this is one of the perfect ensembles that you open up the package you have 3 pieces, reverse ability so you can shut fold that become order which i think looks fabulous. >>host: all of the colors on the a ensemble this is the perfect color for this time of year. >>guest: 8 coming and soothing, is the sea glass color and i love the fact that you get 2 shams included. typically when you see this price point in a department store this is what you would pay 41 item
3:28 am
whether it is a coverlet or a very light comforter renew duvet the shams included at this price. you save money cleaning you get a classic look that i think these colors would melt into a lot of different decor colors. maybe you go completely neutral because you cannot paint walls where you live. of light, chocolate brown, brownstones maybe accent wall in the sea glass glue would be fantastic, this is a great value and you will find that the quality of highgate manor is what has really made a stay in business 10 years now. this is coming up to our 10th anniversary. >>host: 10 years and you still have such incredible quality with the great and designer visions from allegra buffington and you can bring every style possibly.mix and match we do have all sizes available.
3:29 am
all at the same price points. nf what they want to add cops of color or stay with the neutrals this set will match back.- have brighten showers and wedding said housewarmings i think this is a great general-- gender neutral choice. this color palette will match specs so well. in the master or even the new >> guest: bedroom. >>guest: do not think of this as an age specific look. because we had taken it to this color palette of the bronze, sea glass and woo combination, then you get access to this with a beautiful throw at the foot of the bed
3:30 am
this will be your snuggled to to place. as you were talking about the cats ofd which i wholeheartedly believe in, my dog goes wherever i go. if you there are a couple of call prints aureus billy cup of coffee on your comforter even if you spot treated you will not be left with a ring. believe may dry clean only so that if you try to spot treat it you will leave ring i guarantee you. let us face it since it is such a big piece of real estate our whole we do tend to spend a lot of time jumping on the bed and the kids to not take off their sneakers we have little snots while you're watching your movies and the next thing you know you have stain and normally it would be a big expense curious this is just putting it in the washing machine,: out and
3:31 am
voila. if wanted you can flip it over on the top or even flip it over and the other side if you are going for the solid side. liqui >>host: that the different choices and by the way your tenure i want to say congratulations it is so exciting and wonderful. she looks as beautiful as the days she started on-air. >>guest: are too funny. no, >>host: i am honest. to continue to bring back the high end designer look. normally we look at designs like this and it is hands off. it is almost
3:32 am
like you are living in a museum but who wants to live like that? >>guest: are known at highgate manor for bringing you the look for less. we bring you home decor the color palette to see in the+ all of the sets that you see in department stores you walk in and you love the look but maybe you do not want to spend 300 may be of 400 or $500 redoing the top of the bed. even if you have california king size i think we still have that size available. this is everybody pays the same price. you the shams, consider the tube @ avi pillows these are just darling as well as functional. when you have a breakfast pillow you have a nice way to prop up your head while you are in bed watching television. but in
3:33 am
tufted ends each one is reversible. >>host: now is under $30 for both of those fellows. what are some of the phrases we use, just silly prices. that is something you can count on from us here in hsn and highgate manor. i i think it is a home run, with the pastels and the gender neutrals, all sizes and everybody is $20 off for the first time ever so take advantage of the machine wash ability. now it is our nate berkus
3:34 am
candles, beautiful colored choices still available we started with six or seven and we are down to the final three. you get a great three piece set, 4 in., 66 c13 and 10 in.. we have burgundy ultraviolet which is purple. you can turn them all off and and off one remotes' they're all on one timer. quantities are limited on those at the end of the hour if you're thinking about that great gift as a housewarming gift or a wedding we talk about new life
3:35 am
ready to hang out of the box good to go.item #097-605. we will pay to ship them to you, for different styles to choose from you can check them out on so exciting to have our house beautiful marketplace here it hsn. we took care of the mattress pad the pillows of the comforter and light base said we aired tui holding top to bottom. calling wowwee sheets they are ideal bezel- set, 450 i love the color the debt is like champagne gold and i want to make sure you see the placket detail. only on the edge of the pillowcase but also on the top
3:36 am
sheet. this will really stand apart from all the other sheet sets that you have. soft school, the next color is this beautiful silver gravy. probably one of the most pretty grays we have ever of our caller said that that was the one for her because it was really hard to find something for her son. perfect wedding guests we have the beautiful rich ivoire 2 and they are next to each other so you can differentiate the two colors, we have chaka grout and this is like a chocolate and posh, beautiful sage green, look at the shade of light blue and has a little bit of periwinkle to it. the color is the lilac beautiful soft pink coral at the end has a lot of terror, added to it.
3:37 am
>>host: need to understand what a special deal this is. >>guest: callie brings us the best prices and when you look at luxury sheet set in the department stores and that is anything from 200 thread count and you are not going remover crazy prices. normally in a department you would buy your top sheets separate from your bottom sheet. even if you have a california king size bed. $89.95. it is >>host: on three flexible payments which we normally do not sheets to you can get them home for
3:38 am
under $30 on your credit card and we are taking the shipping and handling on these and of course the white is almost sold out. talk about bringing hotel chic into your own home. that perfect plea on that chris beautiful sheet? >>guest: have that experience in your own home we are talking about stay kushionz you have family coming to visit your i think giving somebody a set of sheets is practical luxury for a wedding gift. people do not indulge themselves enough with the high (...) all of
3:39 am
how we took what you would normally see in apparel and brought it home for home decor. as a matter of fact could i have the coral a second? she is >>host: getting busy. >>guest: look at that combination typically degrees you think go with the cool colors but i like the juxtaposition of a warm tone and a cool color. can you also ask me the pink, this just screams paris i love the gray with the pink. if you purple shades i think that colin brought one of the most sophisticated shades that we have offered in a long time. aloe that shade of lilac and what looked beautiful when the ivory i
3:40 am
love this combination, the chocolate with the is >>host: has a sophisticated swedish design if you are thinking about a wedding gift a housewarming door and anders recap if you are really giving some luxury. a and sheet with the gorgeous rich pleated detail first of all you expect them to be dry clean only and to higher death, these are practical and functional come totally machine washable. incredibly affordableey are just gorgeous. the possibilities are endless. i look >>guest: the mediterranean tones if you take the
3:41 am
coral gold and the chocolate brown typically the price of our sheets what it would pillowcases 4 in the department stores. we are offering something that looks like a shame that these are actually the your pillowcases. i have never seen pillowcases detailed this way. in mastering the different colors if you get to could always mix and match the pillowcases with the sheets but with the summer we just get 2 sets of sheets down get rid of the blankets because it is so hot outside, maybe like a cool, softer in the summer months you can do a color blocking feel it will be just gorgeous. >>guest: start totally pom beads colors the sage, white and the beautiful soft pink. you really cannot make a mistake. make sure your grab these
3:42 am
while you have them. >>host: 450 thread count, 100% cotton. lose my customers because they will obviously be now everything is so comfortable. do not go3 have more coming up. [commercial] [commerc
3:43 am
[♪ music ♪] >>host: [reading] >>host: you just love these candles
3:44 am
create ambiance they are a universal gift and now they completely safe because these are our flameless candles. i was listening presentation from wende orcas first brought these to us and when the buyers came to him and said i wanted to flameless candles and they were only have there really distinct flicker. your input minis to one everywhere in the house and you can control them all from one touch of a button. a little over 3 in. in diameter and three led bold switch by the way flicker really have the sensation of the real thing done wax with a very organic lip soy even looks as candles are melted down a little bit.
3:45 am
beautiful colors and by the way i am crazy about these colors because they add some amazing punctuation to your home because your dual-core. purple is the new neutral. >>guest: i have to learn this from you. ultraviolet and then the other color is the burgundy. nate berkus did these with a remote control and houseleek is this. if you are somebody who does a lot of hostess seam or you like to be a control freak you get to walk around with your little remote control that has an on or off switch. matching, lighting candles can create problems. they also
3:46 am
have cycles on them. >>host: a built-in timer. very warm and romantic. if you want to go to bed at night and enjoy the ambiance they will already be off because of built-in timer. these are customer picks, everyone will have absolutely graves about them. we keep talking about wedding and brightness of organs and housewarming gifts this one is universal. you did not need to know what size they have or whether there's allergies (...) >>guest: body las candles. >>host: talked earlier about our pets and if you want a home and you can really i love >>guest: the fact that these will stay on for four3
3:47 am
then they go off for 20. you can have them set so that they will go into that cycle on their fax your arm and looks as if somebody is already in your house a fabulous feeling of comfort and and candles change the ambiance of the room. lighting is one thing but this creates a mood. you get that sensation of warmth and a little bit of romance. if you are by yourself is relaxing, all have a nice beverage weathered is alcoholic or non- alcoholic. if you did not want the candles to run for the full four hours you just read the remote control a click to of and you are done. >>host: and the book shelves that
3:48 am
are very high and you do not want to have to grab page letter to light the candle, this is perfect, on and off by remote and everyone should have one set of flameless candles. uva and create the ambiance in you do not want to have to worry about the drip. under $25 will get them home for you. i do want to say if you willing to place your order we have on clearance right now under $10 these beautiful canto cuffs. it is >>guest: actually jewelry for candles id and use it and gold or the silver and they fit perfectly. if he wanted to a trio of the candles in the
3:49 am
middle of the dining room table on entry room table your dresser, the powder room, these just take a candle to the next level. >>host: $10 a great way to create a little better look to it. to welcome to recent from california who is going to tell us about her love the nate berkus flameless candles thank you for joining us this morning. morning is that correct? cells >>guest: us how much you love nate berkus candles. >>caller: got @ candles sleeves like you are talking about and they really do dress it up. i have it sit
3:50 am
next to one of jay king sea (turquoise) bowls and it just looks beautiful. i x thatof this rally sisters beautiful butterflies and stuff. bass >>guest: sounds great. is >>host: sounds like you have become our hsn personal interior designer. in a >>caller: really is pretty, it is my happiness spot. of the candles kind of change your mood a little bit do they not? >>caller: just set the timer, it fun to surprise your friends you can have this remote say how you like my candles and hit the button and they all light up. >>guest: is great. you would >>host: definitely want to stay with us
3:51 am
for the rest of the hour you talked about butterflies we have some gorgeous prints and a great way for you to become your all little amateur matureinterior designer. i also >>guest: like to tell you these lavern over $200. we do also want to mention maybe you are looking for something else we have a set of 2 candles here that are under $20 they are now priced at $20 teaberry goldtone or a silver-tone item #1360-860.rgb late prints--jackleggi
3:52 am
prints they're all mounted in b's ornate frames and they are ready to hang, free shipping and handling on those that is coming up a little bit later. a quick reminder are very popular this% morning are concierge collection sugarbomb mattress pad--sherpa moments to what is true the house beautiful marketplace. this is the centerpiece of our launch event.
3:53 am
paisley tufted armchair and the details here. tufted, and the expose nailheads. disc >>guest: combination of the charcoal gray with the soft pink with the button tufting is done in a truly exceptional upholstered grade quality. beautiful little delicate feet this is a slipper chair with wheels on the bottom. i love >>host: the casters, they are gorgeous. those birch would legs so those sisterly high quality. we call it an occasional chair because when you want to feel a space a way that is functional because you create a seat but it has style and texture to it. it allows you to later each and every nook
3:54 am
and cranny of a room. it is >>guest: a real attention getter and if you collect pillows, if you collect we are always looking for places to showcasee, this would be a selection to it. you have thee've up against the charcoal gray which is in step with all that is going on home decor and gray is very important in home decor right now. started this partnership this chair was the centerpiece of the house beautiful event. a high end designer choice to put in your home we will pay to ship it to you. we are offering to do flexible payments do not miss out.24 in.
3:55 am
wide by 32 in. high. by the way do not forget about our strata three piece comforter said. $20 off the price, completely machine washable is your 3 piece medallion style set. first time at $20 off. continuing our journey through the house beautiful marketplace and we have a short presentation but i asked them to give me a little bit of extra time on this because this is such a gorgeous set.what they want one for a wall or all four of them together.hand colored illustrations from 1876 that we have
3:56 am
set in the beautiful soft green burlap backgrounds on the ornate silver moldings. can you let us knowbigger butterfly theme to this one and then we moved down here >>guest: this is thepurple customers choice because it is beautiful shades of purple little sit citron green and the burgundies. this what it >>host: is really a gender friendly one it has a rich tone of blues and browns. will match back perfectly to butterflies and
3:57 am
they do represent new birds and people love butterflies totally get anything that has to do with the influence of butterflies. we get a great following from people about what i was really impressed with was the price. to the matting, the glass and the frame that is bold and beautiful,lly you could buy the print by itself and then have it framed in you know it costs to have something framed. very expensive. such a thoughtful gift or a personal way to accent in the wall in the home. talk about house beautiful market place but we are bringing it in a beautiful way toet later and fill each space in your home with personal items that are high quality. for prince tissues from the best way is to to
3:58 am a typing that number. h all four of. i loved having you here. you are my favorite designer. no >>guest: you are. [laughter] we had >>host: the few large pieces to show coming up in the next hour ago before we get to we will tell you a little bit about are very showstoppers coming up at hsn. [♪ music ♪] >>host: is an excitinghere at hsn let us take a look at showstoppers coming up. how some of amber ser drops sterling silver earrings? psst my good friend lesley ann is going to be joining yovan and this is the first time in year since they sold out last time in eight minutes. do now for gatt at 8:00 p.m. we have gorgeous jewelry drop earrings with lynn
3:59 am
murphy. you the earrings or the silver frame ring. then we adrien with the duty report and the wei east firming head to toe kit. a brand-new product $89 this visit only. do not forget you could set out all of our showstoppers and we have more bedding coming up in the next hour. [♪ music ♪]
4:00 am
4:01 am
dreams. and use your rewards credits in ways that matter to you. the more you play and enjoy caesars great entertainment options, the more rewards credits you will earn and the more benefits you will unlock. do not miss out on this limited time offer exclusive to hsn. to receive up to rates visit keyword: caesars entertainment and book your escape today. [♪ music ♪] >>host: hsn. i am brett
4:02 am
chukerman.. i have allegra buffington with me. we have a gorgeous set that allegra has brought to us. if you want to talk about a showstopper, is this gorgeous? this is art 7 piece comfort during coverlet set. this is the only one we have brought that has a cover letter! less than 300 to go around across blue and13 california king is already sold the blue is only available in twin and queen. if you love this this gorgeous designed soft hues mellow undertones, designer set the comes with your decorative pillows, you are not going to want to miss out. that price is incredible. under
4:03 am
$140 gets it machine washable on that bedding! >>guest: - that? >>host: with that embroidery! concierge collection easy care sheet set. how about no more ironing? no wrinkles set from the concierge collection. you get $10 off the do you know what i love to month this that gives you 4 pillowcases, not the traditional set of 2. that is a big win for me. i think i confessed last hour that at age pillows on my bed! i pillows! $10 off. be sure to grab your color and size before they sell out. we have the choice of mattress pads. lofty dreams mattress pad. also
4:04 am
on a price break. we have a twin xl which is actually made for like dorm room size beds. they are treated dupont's teflon so they are water and stain resistant and they are discounted price. yet buy more and save. pay the standard shipping and handling on your first order with us today and every othercor will be 50% off shipping. we are startingis gorgeous set. allegra, one to absolutely fall in love with and i cannot believe that the bedding is machine with all this embroidery and detail and he threw in a coverlet for good measure. >>guest: a phenomenal opportunity13 pieces. we are calling this blue,
4:05 am
but is a soft gray blue. then the pink is just a whisper of rose. both of them are punctuated with the chocolate brown. all the attention to detail is fully embroidered. every stamp, every leaf, every part of the botanical is fully embroidered. we have made it machine washable which kind of and heard of because we think of the thousands of stitches per square inch is a and tense embroidery and looks so delicate that you think you would have to baby this set. you will receive 2 of the standard shams are fully embroidered and they have the placket detail on the two of those coming to you. >>host: that plaque to detail wouldgo with the colin cowie sheets! [laughter] >>guest: i thought the same thing. the chocolate brown would be stunning with the set. two of
4:06 am
the decorative pillows. we have the contrast flange. you have the iconic botanical embroidered. the second polo is button tufted with the contrast flange. when you do button testing on both sides you are really getting to pillows and 1. genius! you know we sell cover less for here? this is fully reversible, channel quilting, machine washable. >>host: it is such a great bike, a specialist bring in the summer because this is your nap blanket. >>guest: yes, thank you! you do not want to take your whole bed apart to take a snooze in the
4:07 am
afternoon. you have the great all craftsmanship at the bottom of the bed and flanked with the gorgeous pocketing that delineates the shape of the bed. at the foot, you see that you have a seamless flow with the chocolate brown bed skirt that is pleated. you get all seven pieces, machine wash ability and of course in the we are not fully stocked because there has been a very popular item. >>host: great top to bottom bedroom set that is decorative design that you have the ability to wash a lot of you have the gorgeous embroidery and the coverlet and the decorator pillows and the bed skirt. it is all there and a greatalready gone and
4:08 am
both colors. on the soft gray blue on the bed, all we have left are twinned and queen. then rose, we also have available in king. have 270 and that is across both colors and all of the sizes. you get the coverlet that allegra told you this is the only set that we offer the great coverlet with. people will spend $50.00 just for the coverlet. you get the comforter, two shams, bed13 and two of the decorative pillows. allegra windtunnel this all the time, the data to pillows is that not where you break the bank? if >>guest: the only time you get up one of those cases is where you get those bed and a bag
4:09 am
top shelf coronets. you do not have to worry about the bed skirt. this coverlet in a department store would be about $100 by itself. fully reversible. you can do either side and have the beautiful contrast pborder. this can be stand-alone piece or accent piece. if youinflatable mattress . this can be one of those essential sets for how you decorator because to get the biggest bang for your buck in seven pieces including two of the top of the
4:10 am
items and one being fully the comfort and the public as well as a shams a are washable. i would grab these as these are done in three different colors. we created a gallery of the soft blue. yet the soft beige and the chocolate brown. absolutely beautiful. they come in a 2-pack. this is one of those we offer special3 around the anniversary+ this is highgate manor 10th anniversary. that is when we offer our best >>host: space, it could be a design accent or a blanket for another bed in the house. $140, just your bed and embroidered detail and give your son or daughter or guest
4:11 am
bedroom this gorgeous coverlet bedford to bed sets plus the shams and the comforter (...) >>guest: you fall in love with the coverlet set and it is that the color you are at a look. we gave you two different." we felt were too differencespring combinations. the soft blue or the soft pink with the chocolate brown. they are not cutesy or to feminine. but i think they go in a broad scope of several types of homes. seven pieces. to shams, 2 decorative pillows coverlet that is reversible and the comforter and the bed skirt and all machine washable at this crazy low price! this is another one of those silly prices! >>host: i love that
4:12 am
you have done this simple pillow right here. do we still call it trim? >>guest: it is a flange. [laughter] >>host: >>guest: >>host: use them how you want in your room. you get to choose where and how you want to ust them.$139.95. it is silly! >>host: if you can
4:13 am
swing it, pick up the pair of matching euro shams. in gives to that dimension and my ear. >>guest: and a welcoming field. your bed you cannot wait to dive into it. not just to go to sleep because we lounge on the bed and watch bedroom. it is becoming an alternative space to do homework for the kids. make it really practical and save all that money on dry >>host: very limited in quantities. like allegra said, if you can swing at what you're on the phone or maybe you are ready bought this. now is the time to treat yourself to the gorgeous your shams. it is a set of two that are available. we have the blue coordinating and the pink
4:14 am
informations on the screen. while you're taking a look at the gorgeous i am giving another personal testimonial. the first set i think i ever brought from hsn was my tufted headboard and shocked my brains out looking for the item i wanted for a price that was right. the only place i found it was here at hsn! they are beautiful and will come ship ready to go. customer pick. flex pay available. you can have over to mine is chocolate. >>guest: i did the natural and i bolted it on myself. [laughter] >>host: mine is bolted also. i swear by this everyone who comes into my house said
4:15 am
that they love the look of it and cannot believe the price. everything that i found was $700 or $800 when i was looking. is that classic style and design. >>guest: and is comfortable because it is padded and cushioned. >>host: i love this mirror. mirror in a room not only be get c13 ability to look at how gorgeous and beautiful you look more and going all of the room, it is like creating more space in the reflection. this mirror is part of our house beautiful marketplace. and has an antique french feel to it. >>guest: it looks like a window! >>host: we pay to ship this mirror to you. but this gorgeous in an antique frosted mirror on the wall and are you going to love the height
4:16 am
is almost 7 ft.. is 6 ft. 11 in.. it is just gorgeous! >>guest: that is the way to add architectural detail in. >>host: flex pay and free shipping and handling. i promise you will love that gorgeousng to head into the bathroom for a second. [laughter] >>guest: oh >>host: 100%. not only these gorgeous animal prints, we giraffe, zebra and leopard. how about towels and get better and better as you keep washing them? >>guest: one thing you will notice when you get these they're so soft to the touch. they are very plush, thick and luxurious spot like tall. in
4:17 am
first 5-8 wash cycles, they will bloom with a thicker and more it will be irresistible. you cannot wait to wrap yourself up in luxury of this kind of quality and also attention to detail with the dobby design. when you see the price tag for six towels, you prole would not expect to finddges and the dog design that is that jacquard woven accent. it is woven all the way through. you get two of the wash cloths. oversize. beaded to of the head hand towels. these are the size of a italian scene at this vase that they wrap your hair in. this has a dog design on both ends. then i am
4:18 am
going to stand up to show you the bath towel. >>host: these are glorious >>guest: all of them how of the design woven through. if you are looking for ways dress them up, you cannot go wrong with these animal designs because they are truly a classic look. if you want to add right pops of color, the black and white and the zebra is a great way to introduce hot and purple and turquoise. if you like the earth tones, i recommend going with the giraffe with the leopard. >>host: animal prints are always on trend. i fell in the bathroom is the one place that we can get a little wild right? while the is the word, right? you have the giraffe or when it comes to taos we are picky
4:19 am
customers. you are picky about the feel and the and the style. the the these towels are customer pick with lots reviews justbeats to allegra's attention to detail and quality. we know important this is. if these had a designer label attached something like in a department store, you could pay this price just for a bath towel. agreed to back 2 wash costs and to hand towels. this to your fingertip when we talk about (...) in the love of people have existing but this is a great and get the both the man
4:20 am
and the women will love. gender friendly and great style. >>guest: when you have family or fr iends visiting, you may have older6 c13 towels. they will be super durable. thicker as you wash. i do
4:21 am
not like 8 how it does not dry you. these are spa like towels. kitten see the size of the we took it all the way around the full border of each one of these towels and trimmed it with a dog design. >>host: the best pals are slightly oversized and the hand house oversized. they're all luxurious and gorgeous designs. these are all a big customer pick. you are getting all six towels. that always makes us so happy. it is a customer pick. now, we are going to show you from the last hour. if you are looking for a 3 piece comforter set itm # 139-690.
4:22 am
it is machine washable and bold medallion design. he did a softer neutral and pastel. it is a great choice. >>guest: it is a comforter and works as ad.that you will love the fact that you to machine wash its. it is very easy care. >>host: you so much! happy anniversary. >>guest: thank you! >>host: before we head out to do some concierge collection to lots of things to checkspotlight. things in our guide of what not to mess. we a great prestige offer. free shipping on our prestige you are looking for a glorious beauty
4:23 am
brands have a limited time offer. you can enjoy savings on shipping until may go to right now to check that out. [commercial]
4:24 am
[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: welcome back. ellen bunner is joining me for some fantastic items from concierge collection13 introduction to art easy care sheets. 400 thread count. ms. a cis a 6 piece
4:25 am
set. we are giving 4 pillowcases to go with your flat and fitted sheet. $10 off. 2 flex pay available. a rich, simple perfect for all seasons and all the vendors. the color palette is a home run. take advantage of easy care celeste bourgos. ellen is going to tell you a little bit about it. >>guest: good to see you we work on she's a concierge, we bring colors that will work with any brand that you have whether it be (...) how'd you love this light dove gray?.
4:26 am
you have the gray, white ivory chocolate the green we are calling moss. it is a brighter green. the blue is our coraqua and lilac. and apricot. >>host: we are talking about the color of the season. it almost matches what you have on. as you get into summer and want ta
4:27 am
earlier but are extra pillowcases sell at the average $20 just on a set of 2 of them. it is like you are getting a full set of sheets for under $40. wearability. we did it because we have read so many reviews that our customers love are sheets, but he did not love the wrinkles that come with. we blended 60% cotton, 40% polyester and when you do a mix of fabrics like that if the benefits ofthe softness and the breathe ability of the common, with the wearability of the polyester. lest
4:28 am
wrinkles, less fading and less pilling. we have maintained the integrity of the field. we have done that by doing a higher thread count than you will find every to approve usually blended she does 200 or two under 50. look at that 400 thread count. luxury level. >>host: is it to figure out how to mix the polyester in order to get the price down? >>guest: to get the price down. when you feel these, if i did not tell you they were a blend, you would not know because they are mercerized and calendared in the finished just as we do on our cotton sheets and a sateen that (...)the thing is the fit. a has an
4:29 am
extra deep pocket. if you have the thick mattress and you have been looking for the set of sheets that will have you seen this yet? but not think you have seen this yet! this is crazy! but it is hard to more brown on brown. this isc13 20 in. accommodation on the pocket. that is so intuitive because you bring us these great because you want to be in your bed war we will get rid of the need to the iron because they're such easy care. you will not feel that they are bland. >>guest: notice in the wearability because of how they launder and how good they look when you put them on the bed. if you find an
4:30 am
care sheet set out there, they have done it by adding a tentative averell fifth--chemical additive. >>host: does that not washed out anyway? >>guest: a lot of them blending fabrics you get the benefit of both fabrics. there are so many options for you! >>host: this is the introduction to the product. we have easy care issues with such a high thread count the still feels soft and cozy and wonderful. the fact that you have easy care and the blend will make them breathable and and feeling for the season. take advantage of $10 off and buy more and save and allow yourself match. you are
4:31 am
getting 4 pillowcases. i wish the we could give you backstage access to show you that we had have are set dresser come back and fix it because it is such a deep pocket. we cannot have ellen do the work. it is being tucked in again. if you have a thicker mattresses in. everyone is laughing. i am now secret. [laughter] >>guest: we add toppers implode tops and different types of father and fiberbed as proofs.6 c13 at 4 pillowcases with the flat and the fitted tailored turndown hem. i think that 400 thread count is
4:32 am
such a high quality thread count to get into sheet that is still soft and luxurious. you have the white and ivory. get the basica and a fun color. >>host: the apricot with the wheat and and the chocolate underneath! there beautiful choices. we have all sizes available. with $10 off an easy care, we do not know how long they will they start to sell out fast. the fact that you have such a high thread count and easy and you are getting for the pillowcases in this we know
4:33 am
this is going to be very popular. us walk through those choices will more time so that everyone knows what to order. >>guest: that is pretty also. there is a apricot and the chocolate. a pull together the moss with the ivory and the chocolate brown. >>host: that is very spa like. >>guest: there is the soft gray. how about the wheat? look at that with the chocolate brown and then the green. it looks nice with the apricot as blending beautifully. this is such a great color. we are calling this or could prove and looks really pretty with the gray as well. >>host: all the colors go so they are colors that will last for years and years. >>guest: that is
4:34 am
what we strive to. you have something that has staying power. it is basic but trendy at the same time so you get a little bit of both. >>host: i feel like that you follow the trends but backed off just enough so that you can use+ it. they are going to work in the fact that they're easy care. everybody in your life that you will be giving gifts to the summer, a bridal showers housewarming, sheets are a great gift and the fact you are bringing something that is such easy care and it is such a complete. you really cannot go wrong. take advantage of our introductory price. take advantage a buy more and save. if you are up watching right now chances are there is something about your bed you are not in love with. is a the sheets? are they correct?
4:35 am
>>guest: are they a wrinkly mess? i have three children and i feel like i am always doing laundry. if you think i am not ironing, i refuse to hire my sheets, try these! if you are afraid of trying a blend, do not be with this c13 work really hard to maintain the softness and the ability are used to in your 100% cotton sheets. we just made them little bit easier to care for. less time spent trying to get wrinkles out of them. not worried about them shrinking or fading in the wash. extra deep pocket. inches. >>host: everyonehas a we are
4:36 am
giving you room. >>guest: nothing like a fitted that does not fit. [laughter] >>guest: >>host: (...) >>guest: on the king and the california king, you get king's size pillowcases. have you priced king's size pillowcases lately? >>host: and they are not that high of a thread count. do not forget have a 30 day money back guarantee. if you have a hesitation by polyester blend just give it a try. you can always send them back with questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee. think about picking up the matching 3 piece duvet set. we also
4:37 am
have them available and with buy more and save, you can create a new look. is an easy c13 and a customer pick. everybody who gotten it home absolutely loves it. it is also on the price saving money left and right. it is a 400 thread count cotton is available at $10 off the price. item #096- if >>guest: it is the duvet cover and two shams. san fabric, color choices and everything. >>host: hsn to much i said it with allegra, are toughed it had-- had board. looking for padded tufted headboard is tough going and they are
4:38 am
expensive. with black, chocolate which is the one i have a home, parchment, they are easily mounted. this is khaki. they are available on flex pay and the customer pick. i can tell you how much i love mine and what a great deal it is. we have a few more our friend, joy mangano. [com [commercial]
4:39 am
[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: for joining your bedroom is looking beautiful and your bed is still a fantastic. is going tote feel even better with the magic loft dreamz mattress pad. this
4:40 am
is available3 price $5 off our twin and twin size and then $10 awful/california king. they are very plush. them are final quantity. you do the twin xl because a lot of dorm room, that is the size of beds. if are sending someone to college, we have 20 left in the twin xl prove on the dorm bed. bobit is on a price break this morning. you will love not only the way it feels but the protected features about it. >>guest: this is legendary! the concierge brand magic loft, very rarely do you see it on the price
4:41 am
is starting to get to where it is very rarely that you see it because they disappear. this is the magic loft dreamz. we took our magic box which is our best selling one and inventory and we made a change in that we added more fell. if you love your original magic loft, but you want something more loftier, the will do it. we have turned it into more of a mattress pad. as a channel boarding. you can even sleep to the edge of your bed because you have more loft and still there. the mattress pad is the extension of your mattress. the part that you to remove, launder and put back on the- bed. but as loftier and more resilience of one of the only mattress pads the 100% cotton
4:42 am
cover. is cool. has a great fitting skirt so that it stays in place and is even stain and water resistant. >>host: before you even start sustain it, we are heading out to the phones where kathy is joining us from california and ordered the easy care and chocolate. welcome to hsn. tell us what got you pick up our new easy care sheets this morning. >>caller: i have tried a lot of your she says and i love all of them and when i saw these, the reason i really love them as the deep pockets. it is so hard to find anything like that out on the marketplace. it is quality. everything i have had from there has been ave not had to return anything. they and launder and put them back on your bed and they are softer after you wash them a few times. >>host: that is
4:43 am
fantastic! i do not know what you are still doing away with all that great concierge collection in your home. >>caller: i have a little puppy that 3 lbs. and i am a little concerned because she has a cough so i am watching her to make sure nothing goes awry. i have only had her for >>host: is that not great that would have concierge collection and have passed and we do not have to worry because this washed so easily? >>caller: exactly. is the same magic material. on so pleased and excited to get this new one. >>host: kathy, thank you and we hope that your pup gets better prove >>caller: thank you and thank you for speaking with me! keep up the great work. >>guest: that is a tiny little puppy! >>host: we are going to get into the magic loft proved that little puppy could fall into because it's a lofty.
4:44 am
>>guest: c13 have had on my bed for years. i sleep on it. ic13 is so comfortable and it will protect your mattress and adds a much comfort at the same we are talking about the deep pockets sheets. you might need some for something like that. as 4 in. in depth. as a lot bigger the most pillowcases tops on the mattress. and elastic on the bottom. 2 way stretch, easy to get on and off. the cover is 100% cotton. is breathable and soft and machine washable. let us talk about what is inside of what is different about magic loft. the reason the mattress pad looks different and i love the close-up shots we get to see the individualllows. these are handfinished. the stuffing that is inside one is a
4:45 am
highbrow telegenic fill. to get the maximum loft each one is hand stuffed in finished. >>host: you are not doing the shape. >>guest: no is evenly distributed under your3 this is the fill from a lot of different mattress pads out there. notice how it is one piece of fabric and it is all connected? you have something like and stitched through it, is never going to get any it will continue to press down. that is where the hands stuffing in finishing comes in because this bill is loose- individually clustered and stitched through. the technology is so great that they even brought it back to pillows. the
4:46 am
information set the bottom of the screen while you are picking up your great mattress pad that recalled the loft because you will get such a great sleep on it. customer pick. this this kind of magic. >>guest: it has a following. [laughter] >>host: it is also the water and stain resistance. >>guest: the original magic loft did not feature water and stain resistance. was first one that featured this. for the little puppies out if you have an accidental or spilling beverages in bed, this is not core to go through the fabric. is traded on top of the fabric so that you are able to get this bill and wipe away before if you go into your mattress. >>host: ellen, you
4:47 am
are always doing it. i am going toc13 somewhere else so that you know this is the real deal! [laughter] >>host: it is looking for a place to go. >>guest: id beads upsell that does not sink into the mattress. >>host: that is amazing! kimmie makes some clothing out of this? >>guest: i know! and look at the towel. after i do these shows, the towels are soaked. it is all going back to what we are talking about it is piece of mind and knowing that your mattress is protected and that you are getting great night's sleep. you need a mattress pad any way. you can't launder your mattress or even dry clean at. if you sleep on it 10 years
4:48 am
at the average! if you have ever read or research at all what goes on and in mattress, just the dust and dander alone a special if you are with tad and also dust mites our reality. that's what i love having a mattress pad because when you remove this londra template back on your bed. it is like you are sitting on a brand new clean mattress. puff if >>host: thing you spend more time on the anything else. >>guest: i think that is the most important piece of furniture in your home. >>host: 9 you have something that not only enhances3 comfort level but makes it water resistant, stain resistant. it is no-brainer and an easy solution. we do not normally3 these on price break. the magic loft, we do not have to because everyone loves them so
4:49 am
this is the opportune day. twin and twin xl off and the rest of the sets, full- california king is $15 off. maybe you have the original loft and you love the feel but you want the same resistance we did not feature before. there is the great savings that we do not normally offer. it is a customer pick and the features are phenomenal. >>guest: i think that is why people love magic loft. there are a lot of sad mattress pads out there. i was doing this one all along. this is plastic one has the water protection. this thing, no fill in it at this is what is supposed to be wrapped around
4:50 am
your mattress. it is paper and does not have any6 c13 you could spend all of money on something like this and it could be in the trash and 6 months. with magic loft, you are investing in not only protection, so much this is4 in. of loft you are adding to your mattress. who does not want a more comfortable mattress? you are adding the protection and something you have to have done on the bed and instead of wearing a couple of things. if you do not want to have to a fiberbed and featherbed or a mattress pad. this has so filled. high brow oxygenic phil and i can't cover.-- filled. maybe you have those tend to
4:51 am
heat up. this is something that is not going to add any key to your bed. natural cotton cover. the star is still important. if the of the thicker mattress you want to fit over the this is the only one of the hand stuffing. the reason we did that is because we want you to have a loft when you put in on your bed and have lost a year from now6 c13 you are sleeping on the still. >>host: and does not matter where you end up. do you start in the middle and end up on the edge?the hand construction allows for6 c13 magic loft pillow sensation and pockets of softness. it is soft and flowy andedges of your matches back to
4:52 am
life. >>guest: it will because it creates almost a bomb perfect. the topper is what we use on our mattresses for a pretty rounded look of the it is we see in bed-and- breakfast and hotels and catalogs. something to make your bed more billowy and soft. how quickly are you falling asleep?if you are not getting proper or your hips and shoulders are digging into your mattress this will work to fill the curves of your body because there is some soft. this is packed. you have the channel that is packed. >>host: how much is that loft again?aha
4:53 am
this is the moment. >>guest: i try to go from the top of the as well over 3 it is close to 4 in. and loft. >>host: imagine having the comfort and softness for your whole body! but if you are still doing the motion with the pillows comparedtechnology, built-in to the pillowson's at the bottom of this screen if you want that great his own technology in your pillows also, is a great buy. >>guest: these are fantastic they are like a pillow with a mini mattress pad onvtop. but she washable, stain and water resistance. if elected jumbo, thick pillow, you will love these. they are like a jumbo. visit 2-pack. >>host: ellen said
4:54 am
it to me before we started the show today. she said we do not do magic loft on a price break. the fact it is available now, you probably will not see it again or turn in any week and say they're doing a price break we are not going to know what is going to happen, but does not happen very often. it is a popular customer pick at the full price. the upgrade your mattress and protect your mattress. get rid of the featherbed that you are feeling c13 quills. the distribution is done for you here. it stays in place. not having to take the whole thing and trying to shake it back into place. >>guest: and not having to try replace it when you are changing your sheets. one of the reviews, she bought this because they
4:55 am
needed a new mattress. they decided to try mattress off to try to extend the mattress. now the unfortunate thing is, her husband is not to buy her a new mattress. is not in the budget to buy a new mattress, tries to like this. it can change the feel of your6 c13 this is definitely a winner for the guest room because of that is your old matches in their this will reinvigorate and reinvented. >>host: how many of you have had to have that, i am so >>guest: the fold out! >>host: they are doing the good morning, thank you for letting me state over! on that mattress 20 years now they will walk out with a big smile on their face. they may overstay their welcome is the same? guests are
4:56 am
likethey go bad after three days? [laughter] >>host: not mean it, i we have the great fellowes. i am going to place my order after the show because i love the big lofty squishy and early support of stylo. that you brought that same concept to your pillows. >>guest: they have the film one side and it is smooth on the other so which ever size you want to use. you can wash these and their lofty. >>host: thank you so much and great to see you! i love it when i get to be in hsn customer as well. we showed you some gorgeous choices of how butterfly, hand colored illustrations. we are taking you through another trip
4:57 am
through our house beautiful marketplace. check it out! in our home the core section. take a look at our antique mounts of england producer more gla press proof c13 iclee pring. chectk them out on speaking of the house beautiful marketplace of one of my favorites we have a, we are calling this a coffee table. i think that it could also be a great end of the bed design and great function.
4:58 am
we of the end table size at $199.95 with the larger cocktail at $239.95. shipping and handling costs are included in the price. walnut finished wood and in antiqued look be exposed nail heads. this is perfect either as a functional coffee table,if you are limited on space. you have your coffee table and storage. for the extra pillows and the blanket and you want to throw for the winter months when you are watching television and against cool out, great hardware and functional design throughout. both are functional and a universal look. it has a massive landfill for the men and a universal design for anyone. both feet and table
4:59 am
and the cocktail table the cocktail table is about 37 in. and 20.5 in. deep. 17.25 in. high. it is gorgeous and all walnut finish. if the notice the hinges it will stay open even when i take my hand off of it. the end table is 20 in. long, 20 in. wide and 23 in. in height. think about a gorgeous design for an end table on either side of your bed or on the the cocktail table is a gorgeous choice for a cocktailve it for the end of the bed chest.- forget that they're
5:00 am
all great for storage as well. beautiful hardware inside proved designed inside and t. this is part our house beautiful marketplace. you could and serge i-style and look and price. little more cozy and comfortable. do not miss these. my personal favorite pieces we have to offero not forget about our popular magic loft dreamz mattress pad on a price break. this is a customer pick. all sizes available. item # 097-022 $5 off on your twin and twin xl and $15 on your full-california king. did not miss out on a great portunity. you can also take the bench of flex pay if you would like. it has been two fantastic
5:01 am
hours and your bedroom will be more beautiful and cozy and comfortable thank you for shopping with us. do not forget to check out our beautiful market place on you will see beautiful designs and great styles. right we are going to show you an encore look at our today's special. [♪ music ♪] of our finest value of the day (...) >>guest: do not hang up on the hangers. you will want to get these (...) >>host: this is the gift of sight
5:02 am
and the gift of style. >>guest: that is right. >>host: and they are sunglasses. sunglasses. >>host: the only time you will see this as a today's special, it is a one-shot deal. if you call us tonighte wardrobe if you are looking at animation or videotape you think do i pick the cat's- eye, the leopard the aviator, or the black/white? you get every single one. also, buy more and save. joy mangano used to do 2 for basically the price of admission and this is a nine piece set. the thing is you have taken classic and contemporary stylish looks that are going to allow us to see everything from our texting, to the key fob, to our computer (...) >>guest: you will get (...) if you have never worn a pair of bifocals sunglasses and like our caller before, if you were with us tonight i was the same way. i wear my sunglasses and if i had read something i would take my sunglasses off and then i would put my reading glasses on! these are addictive! they are truly addictive because they are truly beautiful sunglasses with the readers that are perfectly placed. i literally cannot walk out the door into the sun shine without these
5:03 am
bifocal sunglasses. you are going to get the biggest value ever when you see what we have created and this is the most, as shannon said, reviewed item. customer pick and they have earned the good housekeeping seal. the quality of these bifocal sunglasses are second to none. you will look at price and say what is the catch? there is none. i am so proud to be standing here. you pick your optic strength and we will go through that. the world premiere of this beautiful new hard but lightweight
5:04 am
logo embossed case with inside. you have that beautiful case to protect all of your bifocal sunglasses. black framed in white. a special place in my heart and i have to tell you this is my pride and joy. if it looks like hundreds of dollars. you get a beautiful smoky gray tinted lenses and you get 100% uv protection. let me repeat that. 100% uv protection, lightweight, impact resistance spring
5:05 am
hinges at the temple. they are perfectly placed readers. you can do everything you would like, read in the sun or lay in the sun and iot even read a key fob without my bifocal sunglasses. i lock my door when i want to unlock my car. how sad is that? this is your soft square and this is your oval or your cat eye. look at this gorgeous tortoiseshell. the tint is a subtle brown but it does not darken so much that if you go from the outside to the inside you cannot see. look at how beautiful that is, that is again 100% uv protection. that is your
5:06 am
tortoiseshell and then oh boy, try to find a pair of latte, that color is so flattering to the face. these are classic shapes for ever and i am not done yet. world premiere of the gorgeous graphite, great aviator style. i just got back from los angeles and i think every single person in hollywood has a pair of aviator sunglasses. instantly casual and cool and you look younger. beautiful gold accent in the metal here. lightweight these are so spectacular and the glisten almost. this is probably the most amazing pair of aviators, i love them so much i wear them incessantly. we are not done yet. you get four of the soft cases to put
5:07 am
them in as well and they are cleaning cloths. the color of the strain is the color of the shade of the bifocal readers. it is incredible. >>host: this is insane and we will show you the magnification the good news is we have your magnification tonight. we cannot promise you what will happen later on in the day. >>guest: now for yourself or if you are buying them for someone under 40 you pick 1.0 magnification. if you are 40-50 years old 1.5 x, 50-55 years old at 2.0x. if you are 55-60 you are 2.5 x. 60-65 3.0 x. >>host: he said any size face, any size head. you forget that you are even wearing them and beyond that they are adorable. a lot of times (...) >>guest: they are classy. >>host: date aviator tear i am
5:08 am
wearing, look at shannon, she is wearing them, i am wearing them this is the brand new style and i want to say one of the inspirations' (...) we have a ceo, mindy grossman @ hsn and she is a major fashionista. and she is wearing the tortoiseshell bifocal sunglasses and she, like myself, we are passionate about this product it will absolutely make (...) if you are regular sun glasses and reading glasses you will never put them on again.
5:09 am
instead of taking them off and putting them on they are perfectly placed optic positioned. you get the entire store front of sunglasses.
5:10 am
5:11 am
>>host: diana has been standing by in
5:12 am
tint is a subtle wearing, look at shannon, she is wearing them, i am wearing them this is the brand new style and i want to say one of the we
5:13 am
have a ceo mindyhe like myself, we are passionate about sunglasses. >>host: diana has been standing by in connecticut. you got the today's whipping out our glasses so are you in a nursing home where as a bought some
5:14 am
for>>host: we are almost at 16,000. them all, you get save. if you are not lighter had. >>guest: ifc13 thin face, spring
5:15 am
could not be more popular today. as >>caller: yes i my bifocals on a chain around myah. of this value is
5:16 am
great. i also3 and i love them. you for stopping by to say hello to us we appreciate hangers after we are done with >>guest: and not here from talking to that will purchase theseone you pay $22.95 to the of use. you will not be gardening with your sunglasses on your head and your readers around your neck and you will change the radio station. this is the best thing besides huggable hangers my the towels, this is the best discovery in life as you have to wear reading glasses. >>host: would not have thousands of
5:17 am
let that price fool they are not made almost at the 18,000 do this again, it uv protection. spring hinges at the temples, all of the paying upwards of what magnification is pretty much spot to see what patty in because i had my stolen out of the car yesterday. i my
5:18 am
hands on those aviators. guided thing. first have your bifocals and loss clearly have anybody comes buy your car, just readers or did they>>caller: i bought all say your face, every single pair looks fantastic. in >>guest: it3 magic. [laughter]
5:19 am
to you what. they a really quick call from georgia it. jane we heard you got a today's special. with you. >>guest: thanku long as you can
5:20 am
watch. >>caller: i love so much. hangers for free. at 10:00 a.m.? my bifocals on. [commercial] this is the hsn get
5:21 am
(...) if you reading glasses on! truly that are perfectly placed. i literally most, as shannon said, reviewed item. optic strength and we will go through that. the world beautiful new hard lightweight
5:22 am
impact resistance spring hinges at the perfectly placed readers. you can do that is again 100% is are 2.5 x. 60-
5:23 am
65 3.0 x. classy. say one of the is wearing the regular sun glasses you will never put them off and putting them on they are perfectly
5:24 am
placed sunglasses. >>caller: i have a>>host: we are
5:25 am
almost at 16,000. (...) >>guest: i >>host: once you get them, do it, do it. do you know we the shades. you
5:26 am
almost a year for us>>host: thank you
5:27 am
so much shannon this is the hsn no better place than [commercial] [commercial] [♪ music ♪]
5:28 am
>>host: [reading] >>host: magazine as one of the top is. >>guest: sure do.
5:29 am
there is a science to this hang year and let me just tell you we are giving you what we call a customize your closet set. and 85 piece set and i cannot even believe that we have a brand new debut in just for the fact to get it home with free shipping and handling if under $25 on flex pay you get 85 pieces, you are going to get rid of the vet $50 in bonuses. 5 dozens designer velvet hangers and be on that 25 bonus accessories and if you look clear one of them a brand
5:30 am
new 15 pocket shelf organizer. over 4 ft. long and you can put t-shirts handbag shoes, you can hang it on your shower wrought if you would like to in your unbelievable. that is a $25 value right there. you to over-the-door hooks that our velvety so you can take your true perfection towels and because of the velvet just like the hangar at holds everything. fleet also get some of the ultra-slim finger clips that have rubber in them so they will not rust. 10 cascading mini hooks. you get all of that and brand new clothes covers. i was just going through what
5:31 am
you get everybody. for the price, less than the item wearing you are getting a double closet full of hangers and accessories. here we go. >>host: the bonuses pay for the purchase is basically. this is >>guest: what you are getting. let us >>host: and $25. when you consider this gets you organized and you love your clothes more it create space in your wardrobe. popular item in electronic retailing. she is the pioneer there is no other hanger like it. look like you look at what this
5:32 am
does (...) this is >>guest: really mind blowing, what ever color youet this is turquoise first of all look how it make sure closet, life. and the color that you pick. in dyes extra extra-large uniden @ need heavy thick compartment 5 shelf organizer.3 look at how beautiful it comes withooks and is sturdy. this is like a vertical bureau in your closet. organizational items like this you will still love it. i am going to keep going i am still walking over to where shannon is. any
5:33 am
interior door and they are velvety the silky robe towels. and if you have a crowd had doubled closet, it will be half empty.i promised it will be the most inexpensive way to get a custom closet without throwing out close. i wanted take a moment here i just want to show you quickly the velvety hangers look would you can do with this amazing organizer. a6 tea compartment 5 shelf organizer. loaded up with your
5:34 am
can put tiles and stars in it, beautiful clothes covers, you're linens. this is just one bonus. look at here. and again sturdy. look at this, it is not office. how unbelievable wrapping paper, crafts. this is a bonus. this is a gift. if you are still holding on for those beautiful bifocal sunglasses, here is the whole beach. everything right here and everything in one place. or somebody going off to college. under $50, that is what i paid for blouse for a jacket. you are getting
5:35 am
shannon tie year double closet full of hangers.t: are off to texas because inow linda daughter today's special plus the hangers. hello linda. hello >>caller: .how or >>guest: you sweetheart? >>caller: i am fine. what >>guest: he think of this hangers sechrest rect >>caller: i love them i three walk-in closets and they are full of huggable hangers. do you see organizer they're and bonuses? it is like what can you get for under $25 to get it home and say i love it? >>host: heard you ordered the today's special. >>caller: have three different sets
5:36 am
of the towels i have the my little steamer of the the go mini steamer, i have everything. thank you >>guest: so much.i know you are going to enjoy the bifocal sunglasses that you got tonight. they are going to say the law is that hollywood girl? >>host: have new colors. we have >>guest: a sneak peak for you.3 are getting so much for your money there is no better way transform and create space in a closet. give them as gifts? this is the package to buy. scroll or brass looks, then you just pick your color. you get everything in the color of the clothes organizer that over-the-door clips, krull or brass hooks and then you pick your color
5:37 am
camel, beautiful sage green wedgewood red and pink, silver gray. the number-one selling color always is that3 velvet and by the way every huggable hanger color fast they will not lead you couldve a white sweater under. white diamond nautica blue espresso. linen white, then your lavender the gorgeous turquoise here is your sneak peek. you have been asking me and i listened to everybody you were begging me to bring back the marlo or burgundy better so is marlo/burgundy. the gorgeous olive green. they are
5:38 am
limited and back to nights i would grab those right away. beautiful man of steel blue. shannon name that color. underneath that we have the bright purple, a bright right pink tell everybody c13 shannon's closet is black and bright pink, then we have bright green gold and red. this is the most and convenient way3 create space in your closet. tonight's value (...) unbelievable >>host: ! >>guest: look at where shannon is standing in where i am standing you get the entire kit and caboodle. and the huggable hanger is the most famous hanger in the and i have met celebrities the huggable
5:39 am
hangers. it is amazing. is >>host: % like buying the bonuses and getting the hangers for free. she truly is an american success story and not only do huggable hangers change your life, you can go in your closet and find things and you enjoy your clothes more. i do not know about you but it is easier to get dressed6 c13 better. you know very well $24 and change. the movie and the popcorn is more than you spend for this and it is a life changing experience remember we did not bring in as many of the hangers as% did our today's special. if you want
5:40 am
these hangers especially the new sneak peak colors i would absolutely hope you order now.we will go to the phones to new mexico irma, you are on life. hello vermeil. nice >>guest: to have you here. >>caller: love my hangers, my close to not fall on the floor anymore.i have not >>guest: been down to pick any clothing up off the floor in years. what you think of the tonight with the organizer and 60 hangers and 25 accessories? it is >>caller: a great deal >>host: to also get our today's special tonight? i >>caller: got to set. one for myself for my
5:41 am
best friends and leaves her glass is everywhere. one >>guest: speciesism these she will really be appreciative. it will be >>caller: so nice to have sunglasses that you can really read wes. eye balm >>caller: apparel glasses with the blast sunglasses the call of the that were way too heavy $350 and i will never wear them. to hear from you next month because you will still love these. thank you for your phone call. this is a huge set. >>guest: are certain things that are just literally you have to have in
5:42 am
life. this product is a phenomenon. huggable hangers from the most famous celebrities to my mom to, and russano his of his celebrity but young men women teenagers, everybody. i tell you, when the use this product, they become fascinated with it. they cannot stop talking it they buy it to give it as gives. this tonight is one of the biggest values ever. do not think big girls or a big guys because the does and ultra-slim hanger it will hold everything, nothing will fall of these hangers, the velvet creates like a locking grip onr clothing. 17-1/2 " collars. you are
5:43 am
getting all of these hangers, all of these this is your brand 15 pockets compartment shelf organizer. can you hear the not? this is not like a flimsy little thing. with the hoaxer you can hang it everywhere even in the garage on the pipes. perfect for handbags, shirts everything. you get 60 designer hangers were nothing will fall off. you will never get shoulder bumps and then we are still not done. to where shannon is, youthe beautiful 3 ft. long close cover. multiple items to protect them dust and dirt. we
5:44 am
are >>host: heading back to the and if you want your colors especially the new sneak peak colors basically the bonuses pay for the entire purchase but the key is you will use this every single day. very few things will you use every day that you will appreciate every day but this will improve the quality your life every day. we want to show you a little before and after closet. kids you understand that.we are going to see what cheryl in texas has to say. >>caller: low.are you get >>guest: in huggable hangers for
5:45 am
the first time? no >>caller: last year you had a today's special it was like a mini closet. i had just redone the bedroom and purple soft green and cream. i could not believe what the difference it made in the closet. you know they say you want to transform and organize your life you need to organize your closet first. the first place they say to organize i would of thought the kitchen but they say the closet. and we all know why those of us that have crimped closets it can get you upset right off the bat in the beginning of the day. i thought >>caller: of
5:46 am
things that i only thought i had but i really did have. every >>guest: is even now you did that have all those different kinds of hangers that take up so much room correct? that is >>caller: correct. weger >>host: 2 got a today's special as well. i had >>caller: looked at them what i am driving i do not wear my glasses i wear my sunglasses and then to see something i have to put my glasses on going down the road (...) >>host: all save the same thing over and over.what a lovely call, thanks again. dan, we are at the 40,000 mark.way over what they anticipated. >>guest: this is such an amazing
5:47 am
value for hangers. i have been doing this along time, let me tell you, doc13 ask this up. youryour clothing and his incredible. this is a value when you think of this. like the top you wearing, one piece of clothing $150 and with flex pay you get it home free shipping and handling we deliver it right to your door. you will transform a walk-in closet and $50 (...) >>host: broad and far fewer of the hangers set and we expect it will sell out first.i do not care if it is a teenage son or a teenage daughter or the guy in your life but men love these. trust me when i say it is life changing.
5:48 am
anyonents to look good or to enjoy their clothes more, or if you have a senior in your life we swore by huggable hangers when my grandmother was in assisted living. or kids you know how microseisms college closets are. all you do is take your old hangers out and this changes your life. we pay to send it to you, free really hits home the point because sometimes it's hard to wrap your3 why it create so much space. by the way >>guest: your clothes will never fall off a huggable hanger. this was my life three years ago. the tubular wands, they are twice as wide as a huggable hanger by the way the wire ones, the worker was
5:49 am
mohs the close, we went out and bought two of everything. you cannot write anything appear without dropping something or having a fall on the ground. if they fall on they hate off hangers three times we leave it on the show for the floor. here we6 c13 the turquoise dress coming here is the turquoise two of everything. the only thing that is different in the closets are the hangers. this is a variety that you probably if you do never have huggable hangers. we have of the clothes hanging a lot of them are on the show's not on the floors. i can yank and
5:50 am
yank and nothing falls off a notable gainer. everything is even, it looks beautiful no matter what color you get. talk about the bonuses to create space, not the cascading mini hooks. we are going to start here.this is why it is number-one selling products in the history of tv.a million huggable hangers in homes across america.i am not washing the clothes i am just moving them to show you have a lot of closet space. if you do have a lot of class a space the only difference is the huggable hangers. the clothes are the same and we actually hung more clothes over here, chris size closets
5:51 am
thomas except close and we did not even use the accessories. tonight with everything is incredible. you owe it to yourself. to your mom your daughter anybody who needs closet space and loves their clothes you will protect you will save money, limits a >>host: supply we brought in far fewer of these if you are not limiting quality quantities, you need to do so tonight. tonight's show has been the today's special. we will have that back in a few minutes but in the meantime we're going to say hello to karen. welcome to hsn, say hello to enjoy. you have
5:52 am
>>caller: me so spoiled and i do not believe it. you just >>guest: need the right tools. >>host: i just had to call and get these. >>caller: - new luggage and of course the little steamer i do not know what i would do without it. >>guest: it sounds like you need to on any trip with all this stuff. i and >>caller: ready, believe me. >>host: nice to have a year what a great call. thank you >>guest: darling.
5:53 am
the problem >>host: with the hangers, thimble this is paid for the purchase. it is almost like buying the bonuses and then getting hit hangers for free. in a big scheme of things you have to think about what an amazing product this is. 3 hundreds have been sold but it just keeps growing in popularity. your clothes look better you do not give the shoulder bumps. it protects them. we
5:54 am
see >>guest: view the bonuses, is a total closet makeover. from the thingsdo not want to have weathered his and socks or lingerie. a beautiful 15 compartment organizer and you can see >>guest: 8-- ken hang your rolled, your heavy coats, you get the over-the-door hooks the beautiful 3 ft. long clothes covers, two of them and the piping is the color of the you get the ultra-slim
5:55 am
finger clips to hang your skirts and slacks and they are rubberize, noc13 to rust or anything. you can put like 3 pair of jeans on those. and you get all of it where shannon is to where i am and i have to say this it puts it into perspective. for less than the price of my shirt or one piece of clothing you can transform somebody's life. the only way >>host: to know for sure is to it you need to join us call, whatever it takes be sure to get yours especially if you want the new colors. this will improve every single day you will look to your closet and smiled. you will get dressed faster in the morning and you get spoiled by these. we hope you are calling because after today is a one
5:56 am
day only visit for joy mangano and then beef flex pay goes away and the free shipping goes away and we are going to give you an encore look at our today's special.not let it pass you by because i will say this you will understand why there are almost 400 million sold. we have time for another quick and then we are off to california. >>caller: i had to wait so long but i have been watching you and you are really a fabulous designer. i have been buying huggable hangers cinch you first started. maybe 11 or 12 years ago when you for started. lock >>guest: under. >>caller: have the white diamond years
5:57 am
the hon >>caller: double hangers stay there. love you. you have limited space, god bless, i am so happy that you discovered huggable hangers. >>caller: i have three sets of sweaters going down because i have limited space. i have the because we will be taking a trip to las vegas, i am going to be 80 years old and i cannot believe it.
5:58 am
i also thought to handbags tonight the burgundy and the latte. about the reader some brand new bifocals i pay $400 for them and i do not like them so i cannot wait to get these. >>guest: i am so proud to talk to you, 80 years old, i get thells, i so adore you. we are so proud of the elderly that are 80 years shown and that you are going to las vegas and taking advantage of everything that we have here in this fine country i cannot tell you, i will designed for you as long as we can, how does that sound? bar is
5:59 am
>>guest: 80 years old and trucking off to las vegas. perfect for travel by the way these are the most amazing hangers to travel with. the clothes stay on them when you are traveling they will not fall off. she cascade the closedown because they take up the vertical c13 and not the horizontal space so you contain even more. there is a >>host: date and time to jump the and so i would do it now. remember time is of the joy mangano is here only for 24 hours. if you want the new burgundy marloerlo


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